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Your own Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms

Your Kitchen and Bathroom are the most important rooms in your home. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have been creating dream kitchens and bathrooms for many years. Just like the Dream Kitchen and Bathrooms with Mark Millar on Chanel 5 we have plenty of stories to tell. All the stories mean we have the experience you need to create your perfect new kitchen or bathroom.

A Dream Kitchen

How do you define a dream kitchen? Every kitchen on Chanel 5’s Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms is somebody’s dream. But a dream kitchen isn’t just what you can imagine, it has to be more. As a leading kitchen and design company, at Gary Fullwood we always aim to go beyond the imagination and create amazing kitchens. Firstly, we work closely with you to design your ideal kitchen. We look at your property, we look at the space we have to work with, we gain an understanding of you and your family and then we get creative.

A Kitchen for Life

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we are often call upon to turn dead spaces into fully functioning, living kitchens. We bring light, function and form into what could be a cold, dark and what could be an impossible space. As master kitchen designers we look at creating a dream kitchen that is going to blow your mind and last a lifetime, The secret to the perfect kitchen is about getting to know the client today but appreciating where they could well be in two, three or even five years. Building a stunning kitchen for today is fine, but creating a kitchen that looks amazing, is still alive and is fully functioning in a few years’ time perfection.

A Dream Bathroom

In Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar, Mark explains how a dream bathroom can ad value to your property. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have the same philosophy and design and install superb bathrooms that people love. A dream bathroom, just like a dream kitchen is all about the client. Going beyond perception to create spaces that are both stunning to look at and tremendously functional. This is what we do, we create dream bathrooms.

Beyond Perception

Bathrooms in the UK are not massive to say the least. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we are the masters at working with small spaces. Small spaces can be challenging but with years of experience we can work magic. Turning boring, drab 1980s bathrooms into modern and even contemporary functional works of art that fit around the person or people we are designing for is where we excel. We can create a tranquil bathroom that can be your haven of peace or we can create the perfect wash and go bathroom for your young, busy family. Again, a dream bathroom is about people and once that is understood turning a dream into reality is possible.

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar

Dream Kitchens and Bathrooms with Mark Millar is a brand new Channel 5 home renovation series, which sees UK residents transforming the most important rooms in the house.

Gary Fullwood Designed Living

Gary Fullwood Designed Living was created to deliver on this for every customer, creativity, functionality and innovative design incorporating the best suppliers and highest quality materials to ensure the best outcome.

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