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Why you Really Need a Utility Room with your New Kitchen

There are kitchens and there are kitchens. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we put a lot of thought and effort into creating the perfect kitchen. Top of the list for nearly every kitchen is space and storage and this is where, in some cases, a utility room makes all the difference. So, why would you choose to have a utility room as part of your new kitchen?

Storage and Space

As per the introduction storage and space are key reasons to have a utility room. A utility room creates useful storage space for baskets and other items used to laundry purposes. Such a space is superb storage for washing machines and other appliances such a chest freezer. Those who have the space for a utility room find it becomes the perfect overflow space, especially in busy households.

Out of sight

As an extension and space of added storage everything in a utility room can be hidden out of sight. Piled up laundry is not something you want your guests to see. Furthermore, if your utility room has outside access it can become the perfect space for dirty dogs and muddy clothes to be dropped off without making a mess throughout the house.

Open Plan Happiness

With an open plan home layout a utility room is the hidden part of the home that keeps the flow of the home without the clutter. Open plan kitchens can be limited in space and a utility room not only extends the space but increased the functionality of heart of the home.

Beautiful Practicality with Flawless Style

A utility room is the ultimate feature in terms of functionality for any kitchen. Laundry is far from the most enjoyable task but a laundry room, which is what a utility room often becomes makes laundry something almost fun. With a space dedicated to cleaning and storing the side of life that guests are not supposed to see it can be made to look amazing. Utility rooms designed by Gary Fullwood Designed Living create a stylish extra room that no home should be without.

Value Added in So Many Ways

A new kitchen can add tremendous value to your property and invariably the investment pays off handsomely to anyone thinking of selling. If you have the space the addition of a utility room will make your home even more appealing creating a wow factor few other features can. The value of a utility room can never be underestimated both practically and financially and is one of the more worthwhile considerations when planning a new Kitchen.

The Time is Right

Now is the very best time to begin work on your new Kitchen. With the expert team at Gary Fullwood Designed Living you could start 2022 off in a brand new dream kitchen and kick the year off in style. For your new kitchen contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living today and let your dreams come true tomorrow.

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