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Which bathroom style is best: Traditional or Contemporary?

There is an age-old question that people ask when installing a new bathroom, do you choose something traditional or go with a more contemporary modern style? Of course, the choice is entirely up to you and once you see the designs put forward by Gary Fullwood Designed Living for your new bathroom the choice is even tougher to make. So, which is it and how do you decide?

A Suite Choice

The suite choice for your bathroom is what will ultimately give your bathroom its character or personality. It is a firm belief at Gary Fullwood that your bathroom needs to be functional, stylish and you. Your own personality or that of your household needs to shine through. Your choice of new bathroom suite will reflect this in an instant. The right suite will feel right and you will know what the x-factor is that swings the design one way or the other.

Traditional Bathroom Suites

Going with a traditional suite is not a cop-out not is it really a safe bet because you cannot really decide on what you want. A traditional bathroom will be relaxing and the components will be reliable. Generally, a traditional bathroom will have softer edges and the more rounded features add a touch of familiarity that makes the bathroom highly appealing. With conventional fittings such as cross-head taps and pedestal basins, you can have stunning looking chain pull toilets to create a more vintage look and feel.

There is nothing dated about a traditional style bathroom; tucked away modern energy-saving appliances and advances in plumbing and constriction are concealed in a familiar design. When your traditional bathroom is designed by bathroom designers with many years of experience you get an up to date bathroom that feels part of your home in an instant.


Some say that opting for a contemporary or modern bathroom suite is bold. The truth is that while it may bold in some instances it can be, and often is, the absolute best choice for the property. The sharp edges and straight lines challenge the perceptions of what a bathroom should look like and come up trumps. The angular shapes bring a feeling of excitement to your bathroom and modern appliances such as dual flush toilets and pop-up basins bring efficiency and functionality together in style. Energy and water-saving are brought into a modern design that will absolutely wow any guests.

The right bathroom company

At the end of the day, your choice of bathroom style is entirely up to you. Choosing the right bathroom design and installation company will also help you choose the right bathroom for you. Gary Fullwood Designed Living will work closely with you and come up with designs and ideas that will work for your lifestyle and your property. Starting out with the right bathroom company is vital when it comes to installing your new bathroom. Give Gary Fullwood Designed Living a call today and you will be off to a fantastic start toward installing your dream bathroom.

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