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What no handles? A Quick Guide to Your New Handleless Kitchen

Knobs and handles are a small part of any kitchen that can take an age to decide on. With so many options and styles made from every material known to man from wood to stainless steel, you will soon realise a cupboard handle is not just a cupboard handle. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we design amazing kitchens and spend a great deal of time helping our clients find the right handles for their drawers and cupboards. What if we told you that there is such a thing as a handleless kitchen? Yes, a kitchen with no handles. Well, not quite. So here is the Gary Fullwood Designed Living quick guide to your handleless kitchen.

Why Handleless?

It is a sensible question. One would think that the handles in a kitchen are that final flourish of exceptional kitchen design. That would be true but the UK seems to adore the sleek lines and modern look of cupboards and doors without handles. Handleless has become trendy and, even if we say so ourselves, handleless kitchens do look really smart.

Handleless finishes look amazing and the choice of styles and colours is amazing. When installing open plan kitchens, especially small kitchens, the handleless cupboards and doors create a feeling of more space with an almost lucid flow. Speak to Us.

Is there such a thing a truly handleless?

When shopping around many kitchen companies tout handleless kitchens but there are two types and only one can be truly handleless. The first handless kitchen draw and cupboard designs are not quite handleless as they have a J-grip along the edge of the door or drawer. There is nothing wrong with this design, it is cheaper, but the J-Grip can be challenging for those with big hands or ladies who don’t want to damage their nails.

You pay for what you get and true handleless units are made with a slight recess to which a handleless profile is fitted, allowing you to open the door and pull it open from behind. True Handleless kitchen finishes are sleeker than the J-Grip giving tidier, smoother lines that look impressive.

Don’t let appliances upset the look

With a handless kitchen smooth, sleek lines and almost perfect finishes scream out. Everything looks amazing and then you put the appliances in. With a handleless kitchen freestanding appliances can ruin the entire design. Because of this, at Gary Fullwood Designed Living we either hide the appliances or opt for built-in items. Tiny, tidying touches in a handleless kitchen make all the difference and keeping the flow created in your design going is all part of the kitchen.

Professional Kitchen Designers

For a flawless handleless kitchen, you need to work with an exceptional kitchen designer. Gary Fullwood Designed Living has the experience, expertise, and creativity to design and install a dream handleless kitchen that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today and make your dream kitchen come to life.

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