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What is a wet wall? Is it better than tiles in your bathroom?

So, you are thinking of installing a new bathroom. There are many things to consider, whether it should be a bathroom with a bath or just a shower for example. Gary Fullwood Designed Living know that designing and installing a new bathroom fills your head with many questions. Over and above the bath or no bath question that British households are grappling with the wet wall vs. tiles is now being asked?

What is a wet wall?

The first question you might well ask is “what is a wet wall?” Surely all walls in a bathroom get wet. A wet wall is a large panel of waterproofing that would otherwise be tiled. Sometimes called a Hydro Panel and often just referred to as a shower wall, a wet wall needs no grouting, is easy to install and is super easy to clean. A wet wall makes cleaning you bathroom and keeping it looking as good as new easy.

Will a wet wall work for my bathroom?

A wet wall will work in almost any bathroom; however, it works best with unflustered, contemporary bathroom designs. A fairly modern idea, wet walls come in standard sizes for 600mm to 1200mm and can be cut to size to fit any size of bathroom. Wet walls are available in a variety of finishes from organic and natural stone to way out super modern bright colours. You can even choose wet walls with a hint of glitter to give the impression your walls are made of gold.

The advantages of a wet wall

· Where you have wet areas that need 100% waterproofing as wet wall is ideal

· On a budget and when in a hurry a wet wall is often less expensive that tiles and takes only a few hours to install rather than a few days for tiles

· Super easy to clean and maintain makes wet walls a hygienic option that reduces the chance of mould growing in your bathroom

· Wet walls come with good warranties, some as long at 10 years

Better than tiles?

The jury is out on whether wet walls are better than tiles in a new bathroom. Tiles are still very much to the go-to choice for most homeowners installing a new bathroom. Ultimately tiles need more cleaning and maintenance but when looked after can last longer than a wet wall. However, the real winner is cost and the time to install a wet wall versus tiles.

Professional Bathroom Installers

At the end of the day, whether you choose a wet wall or tiles is up to you. For the real answer to which is best you need to consult a bathroom design and installation expert. Gary Fullwood Designed Living design and install the very best bathrooms. With experienced designers, efficient installation teams and friendly service, a new bathroom from Gary Fullwood will go beyond your dreams. Get in touch today.

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