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What Does Your Bathroom Say About You

Your bathroom is one of those private spaces that not everyone gets to see. As leafing bathroom designers and installers, Gary Fullwood Designed Living can often pick up a lot about a person by looking at their bathroom. A bathroom says a lot about a person and their personality. When designing a new bathroom, personality is a vital part of the finished room. So, what does your bathroom say about you?

Minimalist Bathroom

Many people opt for a minimalist design. Very often, UK bathrooms are small and space is at a premium and this lends itself to a minimalist bathroom design very well. Such a bathroom with its fastidious tidiness and neatness suggests you are a person who has everything under control. You have few loose ends in life. Some experts would suggest that the sharpness of the room shows that you are a high achiever in life and like to get things done.

Multiple Mirrors

Mirrors are well known for their ability to make a small room look and feel bigger. Two mirrors is okay, but three or more or a full wall of mirrors may hide the fact that you are somewhat vane. Maybe you just like to take care of your appearance and there is nothing wrong with looking good but the hidden message of vanity is one that may surprise you if you have or need multiple mirrors.

The Feature Wall

Many new bathrooms have a feature wall or focal point. There is nothing wrong with this and it is a vital part of designing and creating your perfect bathroom. A colourful focal point in a sea of beige or marble can suggest you are a fun person that has a daring streak in them. These touches of colour can add real life to a new bathroom and make your bathroom yours and unique.

Colours of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms come in every bathroom and as bathroom designers, Gary Fullwood Designed Living has installed some of the most colourful rooms in the UK. The colour of your bathroom says a lot about you and your personality, the colour of your bathroom can also impact the value of your property so you need to be somewhat careful when choosing it. Orange is a popular colour choice, not everyone’s cup of tea but it can make a harmonious, sociable and happy family bathroom.

Black or White

Black or White bathrooms can show you have class. Black is strong and dignified and carries a superb sense of luxury with it. White is calm, it was once the only colour a bathroom should be. It is clean, hygienic and safe. White is still very much the most popular choice for bathrooms and says a lot about you but at the same time says very little.

Your New Bathroom

When it comes to your new bathroom, adding your own personality to the design is very important. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and you need to give it the respect it deserves. Appointing a company like Gary Fullwood Designed Living to install your new bathroom will give you a bathroom that works for you and your household while also being true to who you are.

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