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Watching England Play in Your New Kitchen

With England through to the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Euro 2021 having beaten Germany, many kitchens are going to need to be football and entertainment ready. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living this got us thinking about kitchen and even bathroom designs that ensure you don’t miss a pass, header or those all-important goals.

Tacky TV

Not so long ago having a TV in the kitchen was considered tacky. Dreadful portable TVs that sat on counters look out of place and the TVs were synonymous with soapies and cheap talk shows. The quality of portable TVs for the kitchen let down some amazing kitchen designs and TVs in the kitchen soon became less than trendy. Even placing a portable TV on a wall bracket didn’t feel or look right and thus the TV was designated to the lounge and in non-open plan kitchens, this meant watching programs through an open door or even in a mirror. Kitchens were not entertainment friendly.

Flatscreen TVs

With the innovation of flatscreen Televisions having a TV in the kitchen became more acceptable. I the early days of flatscreens homeowners wanted to show off the fact that they indeed had a flatscreen; it was a status symbol in the kitchen. With slimmer screens and a modern look, a TV felt a little more at home in the kitchen while taking up less counter space. This was the start of an entertainment and communication revolution in the kitchen.

TVs as part of Kitchen Design

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we create bespoke kitchens that not only look amazing but take advantage of all the latest technology if necessary. Modern kitchens are designed around the client, lifestyles and the important day to day things that include entertainment and communication. Installing a TV in a kitchen is not uncommon today and modern sleek screens are very much a design feature for some customers. But TVs are the only source of entertainment in a kitchen and certainly not the only way to watch England play football in your kitchen.

Smart Kitchens

In a digitally connected world kitchens have become smart, even the way we design a kitchen has become smart. Technology brings increased functionality to a kitchen. Time-saving devices that bring an instant touch of a button or remote blue-tooth or wi-fi convenience to lives have changed so much in the kitchen. Being able to follow a football match from the lounge or man cave and into the kitchen where a fully charged tablet or smart TV streams the game live with a recipe to being followed on the same screen is becoming normal. Kitchen design now has to take that into consideration and thankfully Gary Fullwood and his team understand this.

Winning Games and Winning Kitchens

The ultimate Kitchen for some homes must be one that ensures football can be watched while preparing a meal. While mum puts her feet up and dad cooks he won’t miss a second of the action in a new kitchen that accommodates a stylish TV as part of its design. As roles are changed and reversed a new kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living will surely be a winner all round.

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