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Tom Howley (and others) vs Gary Fullwood for your Bespoke Kitchen

When it comes to brand names, Tom Howley is perhaps the top brand when it comes to kitchens. However, as with most brands, the name comes at a price. Very often people question whether the price is really worth it, and we will now try and shed some light on the matter.

Designer Kitchen vs Bespoke Kitchen

At the end of the day, it is just a kitchen. Right? Yes, to a degree, but figuring out the differences between companies is what you need to do. Understanding what makes one kitchen company more expensive than another and asking why one company charges for design and another does not is important. It boils down to value for money or the perception of value for money. This quick guide will explain some of the facts about Gary Fullwood Designed Living and why we believe we deliver outstanding value for money. At no point will we knock Tom Howley, or other designers such as Clive Christians and Mark Wilkinson as the choice of kitchen designer is entirely up to you.

Your Budget

For most people, the number one consideration for a new kitchen is budget. A Tom Howley kitchen will set you back close to £100k and not everyone has that sort of budget. There is the DIY option of course, but this has plenty of drawbacks least of all the designer appeal you know you are looking for. The perfect middle ground is a designer like Gary Fullwood Designed Living and there are plenty of reasons to choose us.


One big question that gets asked a lot is “Can you tell a Tom Howley kitchen from the rest?”. When comparing between DIY and a Tom Howley or other any other designer the answer is yes. However, unless you categorically tell people you have some top designer most will never know. Value is, and always will be nothing more than a perception. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living our workmanship is top notch, our design skills are outstanding and the materials we use are always top quality. You only have to take a look at some of our bespoke kitchens and you will see for yourself. Visit our Facebook Page and see some of our more recent projects that we are proud to show off.

How soon do you want your kitchen?

Another challenge facing most people when installing a new kitchen is timescales. The design process does take time and at Gary Fullwood Designed Living we do have lead times. However, our lead times are considerably shorter than Tom Howley, Clive Christians, Mark Wilkinson and the likes. Our design team can normally get to work fairly quickly and our business is structured to keep lead times to a minimum. From beginning to end we fully project manage your new kitchen. You will have plenty of face time with the team to guarantee an amazing design and installation experience that results in kitchen that exceeds all expectations. You will have a bespoke Gary Fullwood Original Kitchen, you will love it, your family will love and your friends will love it. Is there any more to say?

Fo your new bespoke kitchen contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living today

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