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The Perfect Family Bathroom

Last week we looked at how to create a family kitchen. This week, we will look at the other most important room in the house and create a family bathroom. Gary Fullwood Designed Living appreciates that family is everything to many people and finding the balance between functionality and style in the more practical spaces in the home is where expertise pays off.

Change is constant

The one thing you need to remember when creating the perfect family bathroom is that things change. No family bathroom design will last a lifetime. Even so-called timeless designs can lose their luster and appeal as time goes by, as families get larger and people get older. Styles will always come and go but a well-designed bathroom will be something that gives you a lot of pleasure, showering and bathing for quite a few years. But with change being the only thing that is constant in mind, how can you make a great family bathroom?

The Shower-Bath

There has been a lot of talk about ditching the bathtub entirely but with a family, this is not always as practical as it may sound. A family bathroom is a space shared between anything up to 6 people, and the ages range from toddlers to teens to grown adults. The combination of speedy showers, relaxing soaks in the tub, and playful bath times can be found in the multi-functional shower bath. Far more than just a shower unit over a bath, modern shower-baths are superbly stylish, immensely practical, and make a great feature in bathrooms. Furthermore, when space is the issue, as with most British bathrooms, you get everything you need is a great-looking unit. Adjustable on so many levels the shower bath in a winner for a family bathroom.

Large Heated Towel Rail

With a family bathroom, you end up with a lot of towels in use. These towels need to be easily accessed by all members of the family. A large, wall-mounted heated towel rail allows for plenty of soft towels to be hung tidily while also warming the bathroom in winter. A stainless steel towel rack also looks good too and when towels are hung up it helps keeps the bathroom neat.

Soft-close Toilet

With little fingers, conventional toilets and their slam-shut seats can be dangerous. Soft-close toilets are safe for little hands and add a certain touch of elegance to a bathroom in any home. Modern wall-mounted toilets will low-flow flushing mechanisms are fabulous, practical, space-saving and water-saving; everything a family bathroom needs.

Basins at the Right Height

Part of the design of a perfect family bathroom is to get the sink or basin at the perfect height. Of course, you can use a footstool for the little ones but a good-looking basin hung just right – Gary Fullwood Designed Living can help with this – helps make a family bathroom remain practical while looking stylish.

Easy-clean floors (and other surfaces)

Choosing the flooring and wall surfaces is an important part of designing your new bathroom. Making sure the floors and walls are waterproof, easy to clean, and good looking as well is vital. Choosing the right colors too makes a difference. The floor in a family bathroom will be punished and there are plenty of materials you can choose from. From tiles to anti-bacterial vinyl with a family bathroom, you are spoilt for choice and that is why you need to talk to the leading bathroom designer today.

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