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The Gary Fullwood Guide to the Perfect Bath Time Experience

As we get closer to the end of the year we all feel a little more tired. The nights draw in and we want to relax and slow down as the year comes to a close. Over the course of this year, you may well have had your dream bathroom designed and installed by Gary Fullwood Designed Living and just not had the time to enjoy it. Now is the time of year to really enjoy your bath, soak up some bubbles and relax. But how do you create the perfect bath time experience? With the Gary Fullwood Guide to taking the Perfect Bath, you are about to find out…

Get in the mood

Bath time is a special time where you can switch off and relax in the tub. To get things off to a great start your perfect bath time experience begins with lighting a few candles. Some scented candles really set the mood for a relaxing bath where you can soak all your worries away.

Softest Towels and Robe

For the perfect bath time experience, you need some soft, warm, fluffy towels warming on the rail waiting for you as you step out. Have your bathrobe waiting before you step into the bubbles so you can totally relax.

Get the temperature right

If Goldilocks had a bath the water would be not too hot and certainly not too cold. For the perfect bath experience, the water temperature should err toward hot. Water temperature that stings the skin just a touch is considered ideal.

What’s in the water?

For the perfect bath time experience, there are two choices. The first is to detoxify your tired body, and for this, you can run two cups of Epsom Salts into your running water. Epsom salts relax your muscles and give your pores a deep clean. Secondly,

you may wish to supplement your soak with some essential oils that also fill the air with a wonderful aroma. Coconut oil can give your skin extra hydration and relax tired skin.

Hydrate on the inside

A big secret to having a perfect bath time experience is to keep yourself hydrated. Before stepping into the warm water and wallowing your world away drink a full glass of water and hydrate your inside before hydrating you outside. Of course, you can have something else to drink while soaking the bath, a glass of Prosecco, a whisky or even a hot cup of hot chocolate but this indulgence is entirely up to you.

Switch the World Off

Unplug your phone and steer away from all screens and technology. Pick up a book or magazine and relax old school.

Deep Clean Mask

The ultimate cleansing and many say the best way to really relax in the bath, for guys and girls, is a face mask. A peel off face mask gives your faces a perfect pamper and forces you to lie back and relax.

The Perfect Post Bath Routine

The bath doesn’t end when you step out of the water. After your much-needed soak applying a good moisturiser before curling up in your robe, with perhaps another drink, on your bed in your soft warm robe is the perfect conclusion to the perfect bath time experience for men and women alike.

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