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The Energy Efficient Kitchen

Energy costs are rising. Petrol costs more than ever before, electricity and gas prices are increasing at an alarming rate and the cost of living is slowly slipping away from the reach of many people. Saving money is top of mind for everyone and finding ways to save money is something everyone is looking for. Your kitchen is a great place to save money, your kitchen is responsible for a large percentage of your energy bill and there are many ways to save money in the kitchen.

A New Kitchen to Save Money

If your kitchen is seriously out of date it may well be an energy-draining kitchen. A New kitchen can take advantage of the latest energy-saving designs, ideas and fittings. When considering a new kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living energy efficiency is as much a part of the design as the colour of your cabinets. However, you don’t need a completely new kitchen to save energy and save money.

Cook Wise to Save Energy

Cooking is one aspect of any kitchen that uses energy, and you don’t need a fancy kitchen to save money here. How you choose to cook is not something your kitchen designer can deliver but is something you can choose. A quick look at what the most popular cooking methods cost will make you think:

· Microwave : 10 Minutes per Day £3 per year

· Slow Cooker: 8 hours per day £14 per year

· Cooking on electric hob: 30 Minutes per day £90 per year

· Boiling a kettle: One boil Full Kettle 4p

Cooking wisely saves money.

Energy Saving Lighting

A key feature of every new kitchen is the lighting. Energy-efficient lighting from the smart use of LEDs can save a small fortune when it comes to electricity. The use of accent lighting and spotlights with the ability to control the level of light in the kitchen also makes a difference to your energy costs as well as the aesthetics of the kitchen. Furthermore, energy-saving lighting in the kitchen reduces heat and compared to conventional lighting makes a kitchen feel more comfortable. Converting your lighting to LEDs is an exercise any homeowner can do. Finally, on the subject of lighting the best and most affordable source of light is sunlight, when planning your new kitchen windows and skylights are an important consideration.

Hobs and Ovens

Key features of any kitchen that consume the most energy and therefore cost the most to use are hobs and ovens. While gas is preferred by some who also believe they are cheaper to run there are new alternatives. The cost of gas is rising rapidly, and alternatives are now a consideration. Modern induction hobs, for example, are up to 75% more efficient at converting energy and more than 50% cheaper to use than a gas hob.


Ovens use just over 8% of all the energy in the home but this does not mean you need to stop cooking your Sunday roast. Fan assisted ovens are more efficient and use less energy because they use lower temperatures to cook. Modern fan=assisted ovens also retain heat better and stay hot for longer even when off. Other tips to save money when using your oven are to keep the door closed at all times and to make sure your oven is clean.

Time for a New Kitchen

If you considering a new kitchen, now is the time to get started. A new, energy-efficient kitchen is a wise investment in any economic climate and one that will always pay off. For the best energy-saving new kitchen contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living today.

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