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The difference between the cost and value of a bespoke kitchen or bathroom

Every day we get asked why our kitchens and bathrooms cost what they do. “Anyone can install some shelves and put up some tiles” we are told. If that is so, why don’t you design and install your own kitchen or bathroom? When we reply clients start to tremble at the thought. This is where the story of why a kitchen or bathroom from Gary Fullwood Designed Living begins.

The heart and soul of your home

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, then your bathroom must be its soul. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we design and install bespoke bathrooms and kitchens that embrace this. When you design your new kitchen do you think of your family enjoying the room or do you just see a place for making food? Likewise, with your new bathroom can you create a sanctuary of peace in your design or do you just create a place to wash, shower, and shave? We work with homes not houses, people not places and this is where the secret to your new bathroom or kitchen is found.

Real Cost and True Value

It is easy to add up the cost of a new bathroom or kitchen by shopping at any B&Q or Wickes in the country and add on a couple of hours to install the “parts”. Armed with your accurate information you then approach a kitchen design and installation company. Then you get a quote for almost double what you had in your head and you wonder why. The why is the difference between cost and value.

When you have added up all the items that make up a new bathroom or go into a new kitchen you only have what you can see and touch. You have the cost of what you have in your shopping list. You think you are clever by knowing what the cost of a bathtub is, or a tap or even some tiles. Because of this you think you know better until we ask you to put all the pieces pf the puzzle together.

The Hidden Cost of Value

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we are transparent about our pricing and quotes. Despite this, there are still some “hidden costs”. These costs create the value we deliver. Our expertise for a start, you cannot put a price on experience, and this shows in every project we undertake. We use the best quality materials not just because we know they last but because they do the job properly. Fiore example, not all plasterboard is the same, we can prove it.

Using the right materials and spending a little more not only ensures we deliver quality but also means it won’t bite you in a few months' time. It is the simple things that go into our costing and work that ensure we deliver more value for money than DIY or the cheap and cheerful fitters can even begin to deliver.

The Cost of Being a professional

Professionals do it right. We have paid the price of the learning curve, so you don’t have to. Designing your dream kitchen takes experience, installing the perfect bathroom takes a certain amount of expertise. Of course, you could do it yourself but a few broken tiles, some leaking plumbing, cupboards that are not fitted to perfection, and a bit of “good enough” will haunt you and drive you crazy in time to come.

As expert kitchen and bathroom installers, we have the right tools for the job, these tools cost money. You can rent the tools to install your kitchen, or you can buy them when you fit your bathroom, but do you have the skills to use them? As a leading bathroom and kitchen company, we have not only invested in the right tools, but we have trained our teams use them and deliver dream kitchens and bathrooms that always exceed expectations.

Peace of Mind is Priceless

At the end of the day, using someone like Gary Fullwood Designed Living for your new kitchen or bathroom delivers peace of mind. You cannot put a price on this. This is why using a professional bathroom or kitchen design company costs a little more. Time is money but experience is priceless. By the way, we can often get better prices on better materials and products because we buy trade and use different suppliers. So, you when you add up the cost of your new kitchen and it comes to £5,000 and our quote is £10,000, think about the hidden secrets and you will soon realise what we provide is real value for money. We defy you to install your kitchen yourself for less than our quote and get the same result as the experts.

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