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The Colour not to Paint your new Kitchen

As kitchen design experts, Gary Fullwood Designed Living can design and deliver your dream kitchen. With decades of kitchen design experience, they can tell you what all the trends are and can show you what will work for your kitchen. Using the latest 3D planning and design technology and good old-fashioned drawings, Gary Fullwood and his team can bring your new kitchen to life in front of your eyes. Where in the past you had to use quite a lot of imagination, today much of the thinking and visioneering is done for you and your kitchen can be seen and manipulated in full HD.

Choosing the Colour of your Kitchen

The colour of your new kitchen is important. Many years ago, you were somewhat limited to the choice of colours. White was once considered the best colour for a kitchen as is looked bright and looked clean. While white kitchens are still immensely popular today there are a host of other colours and even shades of white that can make your kitchen look and feel fabulous.

What colour not to paint your kitchen

There are many things to consider when choosing the colour of your kitchen and there is even some psychology surrounding colour choice. Of course, some colours make your kitchen feel warm and others make it feel light, some cool it and some create a natural or neutral tone that sits well with most people. Over the last couple of years and with a quick browse around Google there are currently a couple of camps with the regards to the colour of your kitchen.

American Kitchen Design


he influence of American design is hard to avoid when it comes to interior design. American real estate website believes that the colour not to choose for your kitchen is yellow. This is very much so when you are looking to sell your home. In the same breath bright red and warm beige are also on the list of colours not to paint your kitchen.

UK Kitchen Colours

Tastes change on this side of the Atlantic and while bright yellows and reds are often avoided here the colours not to have are somewhat different. Sure, when installing a kitchen, future property value should always be a consideration. Future buyers b=may not have your eclectic, way out or outrageous love of colours and style, However, colour psychologist Lee Chambers, believes that deep brown and grey are too sad to be in a kitchen while blue is considered an appetite suppressor. While not saying do not go for these colours, they may work for you, the psychology of colour or how certain colours make you feel is something to consider when designing your new kitchen.

The right colour for your Kitchen

Taking advice from leading kitchen designers Gary Fullwood Designed Living will help you in your quest to find the right colour for your new kitchen. There is no right or wrong colour but there are choices. With the help of a good kitchen designer, you can work through these choices and you can start today.

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