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Technology and your New Kitchen or Bathroom

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have done our absolute best to carry on trading during the pandemic and have continued to deliver some outstanding bathrooms and kitchens. Many lessons have been learned along the way. The use of technology has made planning, designing, and even installing a new bathroom or kitchen better than ever before. Our showroom is open, and things are easing back to normal but video calling has become the norm and it looks set to remain a powerful tool for us and our clientele.

Technology and your new kitchen or bathroom

As a leading kitchen and bathroom design company technology plays an important part in everything we do. Technology allows us to communicate clearly and present plans, designs, and ideas in ways that were never before possible. Digital drawings and lifelike images can be shared with clients, suppliers, and our teams on site in real time. This means channels of communication are clean, clear and fast and further ensuring your new kitchen or bathroom is not only designed to your exact requirements but delivered and installed better too.

The power of video

Over the last year or two, we have used video for promotional purposes and given guided tours of newly installed kitchens and bathrooms on our social media channels. However, the use of video technology, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Zoom and so on is not limited to showing off our latest and greatest installations. The latest easy to use tools have opened up a unique communication channel between us and our clients. We can clearly communicate with our onsite teams visually, showing what we are talking about to our clients not just trying to explain things. Through the latest video technology tools we have a live link to any one of our active installations, providing updates for clients and giving them unique insight to their dream bathroom or kitchen coming alive.

Global Communication

Another huge benefit of online video communication is that we can keep in touch with our customers anywhere in the world. Many customers choose to take a short holiday when we install a new kitchen or bathroom and others reside overseas and have properties in the UK. With video technology, we are as good as in the kitchen or bathroom of the property we are installing at. Whether a client is in Dubai, Dublin or down the road we can keep in touch and be “on site” together in an instant.

The benefits of using technology

When choosing a company to design and install your new bathroom or kitchen you need a to know they are up to date with technology. Through the use of technology the entire design and installation of your new space has become streamlined, ideas can be easily shared and challenges raised. Bringing all aspects of designing and installing a new kitchen or bathroom together coupling expertise with technological advances improves the entire customer experience. When good people and smart tech meet, amazing kitchens and bathrooms are born.

Hook Up Now

To get a taste of just how efficient and effective our communication platforms are contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living today. Let us show you how to design and install a new kitchen or bathroom properly and make your dreams come true! Let us show you how to make life just that little bit better!

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