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Should I decorate my Bathroom for Christmas?

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we love bathrooms. As a kitchen is the heart of the home some the bathroom is perhaps the soul. Your bathroom says a lot about you and at the same time needs to remain functional so having a good looking bathroom is equally important to having one that works for you and your household. If looks really do matter when it comes to your bathroom then surely the question do you decorate your bathroom for Christmas must surely arise? It’s that time of year where homes begin to be decorated so here are a few ideas on how to make your bathroom festive.

A Room Like Any Other

Decorating your home for Christmas and how to do it is entirely up to you. When it comes to making your bathroom festive there are no musts and no cant’s, within reason of course, and it can be fun sprucing up your bathroom for the festive season. When decorating for the season the one thing many of you will realise for sure is just how dull your bathroom really is, this may be a sign you need a new bathroom. That is a topic for another day and may well be the Christmas present you give to yourself because everyone deserves an amazing bathroom. So, where do you start with making your bathroom look and feel like Christmas?

A Christmas Bathroom

Any bathroom can be given that festive touch without going overboard. The first thing to do is think of the colours in your bathroom. Red and Green are of course the traditional colours for Christmas and having some Red and Green towels mixed in with some white make your bathroom feel festive in an instant. For some this is more than enough, for others, they may choose some Christmas themed or patterned towels to say Christmas a little louder.

Christmas Stockings

Many homes hang up a Christmas stocking and this is something that can be done in your bathroom. The best place to hang something like this is on the back of the door. Stockings hanging in the bathroom are quite quirky and for any guest using the smallest room, it will certainly make them smile when they close the door. Added to this you can string some garlands over the mirrors and other parts of the bathroom. Don’t use paper and they will get wet and not last, simple tinsel can add a touch of Christmas cheer to any bathroom.

Christmas Tree

Your bathroom is not the place to put up your Christmas tree, even we suggest keeping that in the family living room. This being said it doesn’t mean you cannot have a Christmas tree in your bathroom. Keeping it small you can place a tree on a window sill or even on a toilet cistern. Again this is quite quirky but at the same time is quite sweet, placing guest soaps under the tree instead of presents is also something some people do.

Lighting for Christmas

LED lighting creates many lighting opportunities in your bathroom that is stylish and very cool. A few well-positioned LEDs can add a real touch of Christmas to your bathroom. However, the ultimate touch for some Christmas light is a candle or two. Christmas candles look amazing and when you light them they can fill the room with the fragrance of Christmas as you wallow in the warm soapy water. With some Christmas candles in your bathroom, you can lay back and dream and wish yourself a happy Christmas!

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