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Secrets A Bathroom Designer will Never Share

When it comes to Bathroom Design in the UK there is no one better than Gary Fullwood Designed Living. For many years’ Gary and his team have been creating and installing the best new bathrooms in Watford and around the UK. As you may well imagine the professional design team that includes Gary Fullwood himself have many secrets to creating the perfect bathroom. These are secrets they don’t want you to know.

Secret #1 – Lighting is the key to perfection

Looking at an old bathroom and seeing the floorplan the first thing taken into consideration is the lighting. Natural daylight is the king of lighting when it comes to a new bathroom; where, how and how much daylight enters the space is crucial to the design of the perfect bathroom. In a typically British small bathroom, natural daylight creates the look and feel of space.

Where there is limited or no natural lighting finding ways to install the right lighting for both design and practical appeal is where the bathroom design experts excel. LED lighting and dimmer controls as well as smart lighting all play a vital part in your dream bathroom. Recessed lighting is the secret to creating the ideal bathroom in many homes where space is at a premium.

Secret #2 – Make the most of what you have

The rising cost of living is being felt by everyone. To stretch your investment in a new bathroom further a smart bathroom designer will take note of your current layout and floorplan. Changing the position of your plumbing and wastewater may help create the look you desperately want but this comes at a considerable cost. A smart bathroom designer will nearly always work with what you have already, saving you time and money but delivering the masterpiece you desire.

Secret #3 - Remove the bathtub

Your bathroom designer is looking at you and your household not just the physical space called a bathroom. A dream bathroom from Gary Fullwood Designed Living works because it works for you. Some of the best bathrooms today are wet rooms and have no bathtub. Removing the large, water-consuming tub from your bathroom can create the perfect washing and grooming room. By removing the bath, you create the space for a more generous shower that every member of the household will love. On top of this, by fitting an eco-friendly, water-saving, or smart shower your monthly bills will come down too. Don’t think Gary Fullwood has gone mad when he suggests removing the bathtub; he knows something you don’t.

Secret #4 - Spend More Money in the Right Area

Using a professional bathroom design company to install your new bathroom gives you access to suppliers Joe Public doesn’t know about. The secret to having an awesome new bathroom is to splash out on the things that matter. A few pounds more on better tiles or certain fittings and a few quid more on efficient and effective lighting can all be squeezed into your budget through access to the right suppliers. You know what matters to you, and these are the things you can spend a little more money on. Because a professional bathroom company takes the time to get to know you, the things that matter soon become known.

For your dream bathroom at a price you can afford, Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the bathroom company you need. Contact Gary Fullwood and his team today and begin work on your new bathroom tomorrow.

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