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Saving Space and Adding Class with a Shower Over a Bath

In today’s busy world we love a shower because it is quick, easy, and efficient allowing us to get on with life. On the flip side, we love a bath and the slow, relaxing soak releases stress and calms us down after a busy. We all want both and as professional bathroom designers, Gary Fullwood Designed Living knows that sometimes both are not possible. Where a lack of space in the often very small British bathrooms dictates that you can have either a shower or a bath the over-bath shower is king.

Pipes Off Taps

The initial thought of a shower over a bath dates back to the late 1970s and early 1980s. Back then showers were not as advanced as they are today and an over-bath shower was an ugly-looking set of pipes hooked up to the bathroom taps. These hideous-looking contraptions served little more than a way to wash your hair using shower attachment and we were not as practical as intended. Thankfully things improved.

Modern Shower Baths

Many homes in the UK have the combination of a shower and bath in one unit. Admittedly some are not as aesthetically pleasing as we would like but the functionality remains nonetheless. A new bathroom is your chance to change this and with a modern over-bath shower today your bathroom can look amazing and the shower will drop jaws. Technology has thankfully improved and designers have finally realised that an over-bath shower can look stunning and make a new bathroom look amazing.

P and L Shaped Bath

Of course, you can make any bath into a half-decent shower today, many people do. However, when installing a shower bath as part of a new bathroom either a P or L-shaped bath works best. These baths have been specially developed to incorporate the shower while optimising and maximising the use of often limited space. In some designs a free-standing bathtub can be used to create and a very stylish shower and bath all in one.

Keeping things dry

A shower over a bath needs to be shielded as showers, by their very nature, splash water generously beyond the bathtub itself. In keeping things dry the creativity of a good bathroom designer can make your over bath shower look and feel even more amazing. From the use of a simple shower curtain that can wrap around from the height of the ceiling to custom-designed glass doors that surround the shower, you are spoilt for choice. Designs that can ensure water is kept inside the showering space are easy to install and complete glass units ad a real level of class to a finished bathroom.

Doing it right

When you install the perfect shower over a bath in a compact bathroom using a bathroom design and installation company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living you create something amazing. A small bathroom feels more spacious, everything seems a lot more luxurious and your showering experience is improved without losing the bath your busy life demands.

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