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Reasons to include a farm style table in your new kitchen

At Gary Fullwood Designed living we create amazing dream kitchens. From modern, trendy kitchens to contemporary kitchens such as shaker kitchens we make kitchens that are more than wow. From experience we know what makes a kitchen look and feel awesome and what doesn’t. One such thing is often the inclusion of a farm style kitchen table. But why does a farm style kitchen table make a kitchen so special.

A place to congregate

A farm style table is a great table that welcomes people to sit at it. There is something about a sit down meal in or adjacent to a kitchen that is extremely homely. A good quality farm style table is the ultimate family gathering pace in and part of a room that is already the heart of the home. Once you have a quality table in or very near your kitchen meals become special as conversation flows and memories are made.

Low Cost Luxury Look

Good quality farm style tables are not expensive and make a wonderful flourish to top off a new kitchen. Real wood always looks good and even low cost pine can look as good as top quality oak or even mahogany with stain. A table that costs almost nothing new or even less when purchased second hand or restored from a skip can look like a million dollars in a new kitchen designed by experts.

Size doesn’t always matter

When people think of farm style tables they often picture large eight or ten seater tables. Farm style tables do not have to be massive. Indeed small farm style tables that comfortably seat just four people can add a touch of charm and magic to your new kitchen that few other pieces of furniture can.

Trendy and Stylish

A farm style or farmhouse table is a trendy and very sylish addition to any new kitchen. Not only is such a table practical and functional but because there are so many styles of table you can create a wonderful look. From old style tables that strangely work well with modern designs to more modern tables that really look amazing, you will have timeless elegance in your home when you make a farmhouse table part of your new kitchen design.

Secret Extensions

Many farm style tables have been built and designed by master craftsmen. New, modern tables incorporate the same design tricks and design features. Hidden extensions that can quickly turn a four seater table into a six seater and then a six seater into eight mean small families can eat comfortably and then then entire extended family can eat together when necessary.

Including a farm style table into your kitchen is easy, if you have such a table or dream of having one as part of your kitchen speak to Gary Fullwood Designed Living and discuss your new kitchen. With the expertise of the best kitchen designers and the skills of the best kitchen installers your dream kitchen is only a phone call away!

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