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Ready, Steady, Cook: How Long to Install a New Kitchen?

One of the most common questions we are asked at Gary Fullwood Designed Living is “How long will it take to install my new kitchen?”. Gary Fullwood could easily thumb suck a guestimate and be pretty accurate, he and his team have years of experience and they sort of just know. But, that being said, there is no specific or standard period of time as every new kitchen is different. This quick guide will help you understand what goes into your bespoke kitchen and give you a clue to how long it will take.

Phased Approach

Installing a new kitchen is a process and Gary Fullwood Designed Living takes a phased approach to your new kitchen. A new kitchen needs careful planning and generally starts with a visit to see what you have now. Knowing how much space there is to work with, and the shape of the space is vital to the entire process. At this point, we generally get to understand what you want. After this, we invite you to our studio and with our advanced planning and design technology, we can begin to map out your new kitchen. With our technology, you can virtually see your new kitchen before we install it. Planning and designing is an essential part of your kitchen.

Getting the Green Light

Once the green light has been given to go ahead with your amazing new kitchen the team at Gary Fullwood Designed Living gets up to speed. There are a few processes that happen simultaneously and seamlessly to ensure we deliver beyond your expectations. We need to communicate with our suppliers and arrange for items to be made up to size, if necessary, ensure stock of materials is available and delivered, and source the magic touches we know that make your new kitchen a dream kitchen.

Out with the old

One of the most important tasks when installing your new kitchen is to dismantle and remove your old kitchen. If items are going to be reused or sold on this is a task that needs to done methodically and carefully. We need to ensure floors and walls are kept intact to provide us with a clean shell to work with.

Preparing the site

To deliver your perfect new kitchen the site needs to be prepared properly. If your kitchen involves an extension walls may need to be knocked down and the new construction completed. If the layout is going to be different electrics and plumbing need to be addressed so that the kitchen components, shelves, work surfaces, cabinets, sinks, and appliances can be installed as per our design.


Once the site is prepared, it may look like nothing is happening for a few days, the installation of your dream kitchen can begin. Installation of a new kitchen is a defined process where every level is measured horizontally and vertically to ensure everything is plumb and square. Once we are happy with this we install a mock-up of your kitchen in what is called templating. It really is about measuring twice and cutting once, and the process is very methodical. Once this has been done the final measurements taken any made-to-measure pieces can be made and delivered to site.

Final Touches

The final touches see all the components of your new kitchen fall into place. Appliances are installed, surfaces, doors, and drawers are fitted and tiles are laid. Walls are painted and before you know it the plastic protective wrapping is removed and the final clean-up can begin. Every appliance, plug socket, and tap is tested and the kitchen is given a deep clean before handing it over.


Once handed over your new kitchen is yours. However, as with any new construction, there may be small faults and the snagging process begins, door handles may be loose or a door doesn’t quite seem right. It is now up to you to keep in touch and let us address the minor problems before your kitchen is 100% ready.

Ready Steady Cook

All this can take about 16 weeks, some parts move faster than others. A new kitchen is not something you can rush but when you choose Gary Fullwood Designed Living you do get the very best.

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