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One L of a Kitchen

If you are wanting a functional and really good looking kitchen you cannot go wrong with an L-shaped kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen is a breath of fresh air that your whole family will love and if it is just the two of you it is a kitchen style that is perfect for you both. In the last decade, Gary Fullwood Designed Living has installed some superb L-shaped kitchens, but what makes them so amazing?

Beautiful Open Plan Kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen makes the Kitchen part of your home. With a stylish open plan Kitchen walls and barriers are eliminated and for family homes, this makes family time special. Parents can keep an eye on little ones and even when others are watching TV in the lounge the person cooking or using the kitchen is not locked away and hidden. Open plan, L-Shaped Kitchens are perfect for families.

Optimal workspace

Houses are getting smaller in the UK and space is at a premium. An L-shaped kitchen is recognised as one of the functional kitchens of all. The L-shape maximises workspace in the kitchen often with one shorter and one long wall. In smaller houses, especially workspace is what many homeowners are looking for in a kitchen.

Maximum Storage

The average Joe will see two walls on which to place cupboards for storage in an L-shaped kitchen but there is more. An expert kitchen designer such as Gary Fullwood will see two walls and a corner. Corners are great features for installing clever storage. An L-shaped kitchen has more than enough room to store everything you need and the use of creative storage concepts ensures your kitchen is rarely cluttered.

The Perfect Work Triangle

There are those kitchen designers who will tell that the kitchen work triangle is dead. In reality, the kitchen work triangle will always be the most efficient way for a kitchen to flow. An L-Shaped kitchen flows exceptionally well. The open space ensures there is plenty of space for more than one person to work in the kitchen at the same time. The work triangle dictates the design and layout of the kitchen and with a professional kitchen designer, this leads to impressive results.

An Island or Not?

L-Shaped kitchens have a lot of open space and many homeowners increase the already good levels of storage and workspace with an island. A kitchen Island lifts up an L-Shaped Kitchen and gives it a luxurious feel. However, an island is not for everyone and others may decide that a dining table for family meals is a better addition. Again, this simply goes to prove what a good design an L-shaped kitchen is!

Gary Fullwood Designed Living

Gary Fullwood Designed Living is the leading kitchen designer in Hertfordshire. With years of experience designing and installing some of the best kitchens in the UK for your new kitchen you need look no further. For your new kitchen contact Gary Fullwood and his team today.

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