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New Year's Resolutions for your Bathroom

It is New Year and that means it is time to make some New Year’s resolutions. A Gary Fullwood Designed Living our resolution is very much to deliver more dream kitchens and bathrooms and with even better levels of service; you can’t go wrong with that. But can you make a New Year’s resolution for your new bathroom? We think you can and here are the things you should resolve to do with your bathroom in 2022

A New Floor

Look down at your bathroom floor. If it is dull and lifeless you need a new floor. The floor is perhaps the most important feature of a new bathroom today. You have many options to choose from that can make your bathroom look amazing. From marble to slip-resistant tiles and everything in between you can have a bathroom floor that is perfect for you.

A Cubeless Shower

Space is everything and a cubeless shower opens up bathrooms like never before. Cubeless showers make your bathroom more accessible, this is great if you have aging people in the house. They also look super stylish and are a real wow factor when selling your home. Speak to Gary Fullwood Designed Living on how you can maximise your space with no-threshold shower.

.A built-in bench in the shower

Who says you have to stand in the shower? If you have space a built-in seating area in your shower is a dream come true for many. It makes shaving legs easier and makes a great place to put your toiletries in the shower. Alternatively, you can just sit under the shower and let your troubles wash away. Again, a bench in the shower is a jaw-dropper when selling your home and this simple idea can add significant value to your property.

A hand shower.

This may seem like a step back in time, but a detachable showerhead is a superb convenience feature that you will come to love. These are superb for washing kids hair or showering someone who is injured or disabled. It is a wonderful bath accessory that adds convenience to everyday bathing.

A separate toilet room.

A rather popular request in 2021 has been to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Many modern bathrooms have no separation between the loo and the rest of the bathroom. Once upon a time a water closet or WC was found in almost every house and the addition of such today is something that makes a bathroom very special. Once more, this adds value to a property when selling.

More storage space.

Every bathroom needs more storage. Gary Fullwood Designed Living are the masters at providing clever storage in shrinking bathrooms. If you want places to store toiletries, towels, bath products, etc then there are many options and when you work with a superb bathroom design team you will always get more than you bargained for.

Efficient bathroom features.

Finally, one of your top New Bathroom Resolutions for the New Year Should be to make your bathroom more efficient. Using less energy and less water is what 2022 will be all about and your new bathroom can incorporate features that will guarantee this when you work with Gary Fullwood Designed Living.

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