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New Kitchen: Where do I put my fridge?

Your kitchen layout is one of the most important parts of kitchen design. Your dream kitchen needs the right layout to both work for you and look good. Where to place your appliances in your kitchen is one of the most important considerations and in this is your fridge.

The Kitchen Triangle

There remains plenty of debate about how relevant the kitchen triangle or working triangle in. Nevertheless, the importance of the three points of this triangle, sink, oven and fridge cannot be denied. These three appliances or pieces of the kitchen are by far the most important parts of a kitchen and where they are placed or positioned affects the flow of your kitchen and how it works for you. Finding the balance of aesthetics and practicality is where the expertise of leading kitchen designers such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living pays off.

Can my fridge go next to my oven?

This is another much-debated question and whether the fridge goes next to the oven or not is something many kitchen designers agree to disagree on. While the flow and kitchen triangle is important, especially where space is at a premium it is perfectly ok to stand your fridge by the oven. There are, however, a few things to consider.

Fridge Must Stay Cool

In the past it was considered that the fridge should not be placed next to the oven as it needed to stay cool. This is a very common-sense consideration as the fridge had to work harder to remain cool next to an oven that generates so much heat. Modern fridges are much better insulated, and the heat given off from an oven is less of a problem and thus placing the appliance next to the cooker is not such a bad thing. Some sort of added vent to help cool the fridge may need to be considered if placing your fridge in the position is the only option.

Kitchen Space

Current kitchen designs are steering away from banks of appliances and thus a cupboard next to the oven stove is more popular. The cupboard next to the oven and then the fridge is much more about practicality. The cupboard is the ideal place to store baking trays and the like within easy reach of the cooking area. Practicality scores again.

The best place for a Fridge

If not next to the oven, then where? This is the question that begs an answer and kitchen designers today look at lifestyle and the people who use the kitchens they are installing. Modern appliances create a lot of flexibility within the layout and design of your kitchen, and you may well be flooded with solutions about where to put your fridge. The ideal location is where the fridge is most easily accessible by everyone, it’s not only cooks who use a fridge today, and in place that said cook can also access with ease. There are plenty of things that need to be considered when placing your fridge in your new kitchen so why not speak to an expert today and find the answer that suits you best.

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