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New Kitchen: Quality, Cost and Value

Have you ever looked at your Kitchen and wondered how much value it adds to your home? At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we create amazing kitchens that really are an investment. We know that the cost of our kitchen is very little compared to what they are worth.

How much is a new kitchen worth?

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and many of us cannot put a value on what having a great kitchen means. The memories made and shared in a kitchen far outweigh any monetary values and this is why Gary Fullwood Designed Living puts so much effort into your new kitchen. However, a new bespoke kitchen does add some monetary value to your property that often exceeds the cost of design and installation. Depending on your property and the kitchen we install, a new kitchen can add between 5% and as much as 15% to the value of the property. For anyone looking to sell their home, this is a big number.

How Much Should I spend on a new kitchen?

Other than “how much does a new kitchen cost?” the next question many people ask is how much they should spend on a new kitchen. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we would love to say “as much as possible” and that isn’t just so we can make a profit. While there are no rules cast in stone about how much to spend on a new kitchen, a rule of thumb is to spend between 5% and 15% of the current value of the home. However, how much you spend very much depends on what you want and what you have done.


Every time we sit down with a new client, we ask what their budget is. We get thrown some random amounts and some are nowhere near enough to build the dream they have in mind and some are completely over the top. Adding a new kitchen nearly always adds financial value to your home but this should not be the underlying reason for a new kitchen. A kitchen needs to be practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing and this may cost more or may cost surprisingly less than you imagine. When putting your budget together for your new kitchen there is a simple rule that generally works out:

· 30% for kitchen cabinets

· 10% for kitchen countertops

· 14% for kitchen appliances

· 4-5% for kitchen plumbing

· 5% for electrics

· 2-5% for kitchen flooring

· The balance for labour and unexpected costs

If you already have appliances you may want to spend more on other aspects of the kitchen. The breakdown is fairly flexible.

Quality, Cost and Value

When it comes to your new kitchen you probably have some grand ideas that once researched you drop because of cost. Quality matters in your new kitchen and cheap will stand out like a sore thumb. You know you want a great kitchen, and you appreciate its value, Gary Fullwood Designed Loving knows this too. Don’t be afraid to present your grand ideas to us because one of the benefits of using a top quality kitchen designer is that you gain access to suppliers and sources of materials previously out of reach.

With a bespoke kitchen from Gary Fullwood you can find the perfect balance between cost and value and never skimp on quality. This means you get a dream kitchen, stick inside your budget and add significant value to your house and home.

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