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New Kitchen: From Ideas to Reality

It’s a normal Wednesday and you walk into your kitchen and say “Nehh” to yourself. Your life is ordinary, your family is ordinary, and your kitchen is, yes you guessed, ordinary. A new Kitchen is a great way to lift up your life, add some fun to your home and make the lifestyle you want happen. If your kitchen is dull, outdated and just not working for you don’t let it get you down and don’t for one minute think you can’t change it. You can have a new kitchen and Gary Fullwood Designed Living knows how.

Getting Ideas for a New Kitchen

Your existing kitchen may be dull, it may be very non-descript and you just accept it for what it is. In a nutshell, your kitchen isn’t really inspiring and perhaps, more than anything, it does the opposite of inspire. Perhaps you have been thinking of a new kitchen for some time but for any one of a thousand reasons you have not got round to taking it any further from an idle thought. You need kitchen ideas. But where do you start?

Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen inspiration can come from anywhere today. Of course, one of the easiest ways is to look at the kitchens of your friends. Ask your friends if they like their kitchens, ask them what they don’t like or wish they could change. Talk to people about things that they think are a must-have that they love about their kitchen and build up a picture in your head. Kitchen inspiration will flow back to you when you talk to friends about theirs and when they ask if you are thinking about a new kitchen, ideas, suggestions, do this and don’t that will begin to flow.

Picture your Kitchen

Social media and the web is full of amazing kitchen ideas, just a quick look at Gary Fullwood Designed Living will leave you filled with ideas. From traditional kitchens to modern kitchens, you can see kitchens in situ and begin to picture your kitchen in a particular style, colour and layout. With social media and the internet, your new kitchen can inch closer to reality, but you need to know if it will really work.

Designing your new kitchen

Having spoken to friends and found inspiration from a multitude of sources it is time to stop dreaming and act. You need to start designing and planning your new kitchen. Most people start with a simple sketch, firstly of their existing kitchen and next with a few thought bubbles and drawings that resemble what goes where. This is a good start and when the tape measure comes out you know you mean business. From this, you hope and think that you can get some ideas of what your new kitchen will cost. To a degree this is true but this is also where you need the ideas, influence and expertise of a professional kitchen designer.

Kitchens Come True

Making your new kitchen dreams come true is where Gary Fullwood Designed Living steps in. Turning your rudimentary sketches and scribbles into a fully interactive 3D design that will become your kitchen is an exciting part of the planning for a new kitchen. Ideas that you have talked about and sort of pictured in your home become clearer. The dimensions of your kitchen are known to the millimetre, plumbing and electrical points, windows and doors are in position and your dream is presented on a computer screen for you. This is where Gary Fullwood and his team excel and all that is left is for you to agree to start work. Are you ready for a new kitchen?

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