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Nail this one thing for the perfect kitchen

There is one thing about designing your kitchen that you need to know and then nail to create perfection. The one thing that Gary Fullwood Designed Living never loses sight of is the most important thing in kitchen design. That one thing is Function. When you nail function, you have the foundation for the most perfect kitchen possible. Function is somewhat personal and yet very much the same for everyone and it is the most important element of kitchen design.

Functionality above Looking Good… always

Your kitchen is the heart of the home and by far the most important room in your home. Before you even begin to think about colours of cabinets and whether you need granite tops or wooden think about what you will use your kitchen for. It sounds like a stupid question but at Gary Fullwood Designed Living it is the very first question we always ask. Once you know what your kitchen will be used for and what you want it to do only then can the masterpiece of design begin.

The Critical Issues

There are a handful of critical issues when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen and each hinges on purpose. You need to consider layout, storage, lighting, and other functional considerations as each of these play a role in the enjoyment of your new kitchen. Look around for ideas, don’t always be swayed by those friends who tell you what you must have, your ideal kitchen must be what you need and want. You know what your dream kitchen will be like and the jigsaw puzzle pieces you create are the creative food for an expert kitchen designer such as Gary Fullwood.

The Space You Have

The space you have is the space you have, unless you can extend that is. When it comes to planning your kitchen space planning is important and for those with less space is often one of the biggest challenges. Don’t always believe that you can’t have something because you don’t have space. Get to know the space you have:

How many square feet do you have and what shape do you – not all kitchens are square or rectangular when you look closely

· What is the ideal flow of your kitchen? Does it work now or is it dreadful?

· Where are your doors and windows – can you add more and can you remove

· Does your kitchen need to be where it is now – not always a stupid question

There are lots of questions to ask that can lead you with lots of answers. Once you know what you have or could have you can begin to plan and expand on ideas to create the perfect kitchen for you.

How you use your Kitchen

One of the most important parts of function is how you use your kitchen. There is no one size fits all when it comes to kitchens and your needs will be different to the next person and theirs is to the next. Again, ask yourself questions

· Do you like your current kitchen? If yes why and if no why not

· How many people will use your kitchen? Do you and the family eat in your kitchen or want to eat in your kitchen? Do you entertain in your kitchen? Would you like to?

· What do you cook, who cooks, how do you cook? Left-handed or right-handed cooks? – yes it can make a difference.

· Do you need your kitchen for other purposes such as laundry, a study area and entertainment space?

Storage and Stuff

You need to consider electrical points and plumbing for appliances and of course charging you tech. Do you have enough? Would you need more? Today all this forms part of function as does lighting and the appliances you need or want. On top of this, and perhaps most critical for many people comes storage. This goes on and we haven’t even arrived at design, style or materials yet. Function is such an important part of your kitchen and in many ways is the framework from which your kitchen becomes a reality. Only once you have nailed function can pen be put to paper and planning can begin! At Gary Fullwood Designed living we know this fact intimately which is why we are able to design the perfect kitchen time after time

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