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Let There Be Light: Making Windowless Bathrooms Brighter

Bathrooms in the UK are notoriously small and at Gary Fullwood Designed Living brining life to these small spaces is what we do best. However, it is not just in anew bathroom we have to contend with, sometimes there is a distinct lack of natural light. Windowless bathrooms are common in the UK, tucked away in basements or added to rooms on inside walls, light, therefore, is a challenge. But there are plenty of ways to make a windowless bathroom lighter.

Ways to make a dark bathroom lighter

There are essentially three components to making a dark, windowless bathroom come to life. These three are:

· Colours

· Mirrors

· Lighting

By clever and careful use of colours, mirrors and lighting you can fill a bathroom with plenty of light. Plenty of light also makes a smaller bathroom feel larger too, so these ideas are very much a double whammy win all round.

Bathroom Colours

Choosing the right bathroom colours is an essential part of the design for any new bathroom. In a windowless bathroom you should obviously steer clear of dark colours. Gentle pastels, neutral and natural shades all give the feel of natural light in the darkest of spaces. You don’t have to go for an almost clinical white bathroom if you have no windows. To top off the lighter colours chrome taps and assets add extra light and sparkle. Glossy paints and clever tiling can lift up spaces and make them reflective thus giving the appearance of more light. This leads us into the next way to light up a windowless bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors

Every designer knows that mirrors are a great way to create both light and space. Reflecting what little light there may be and then creating the illusion of more light makes a dark bathroom brighter. When is comes to mirrors you have many choices that include mirror tiles or even full wall mirrors. The choice of mirrors and where to place them is really up to you but under the guidance of Gary Fullwood Designed Living you will benefit from an expert eye. For dark, windowless bathrooms LED Light Mirrors are a great option. These fairly high output mirrors with built in lights create a stylish dimension to a small bathroom where there is limited or no natural light. This leads us onto lighting in your windowless bathroom.


The final component to making a dark, windowless bathroom lighter is, of course, lighting. Modern LED lighting creates a multitude of lighting options that far exceed the old fashioned light bulb that always seemed to glow at less the 40 watts. With LED lighting you can position the light where you need it most and have control over how much or how little you want to flood your bathroom. Recessed lighting gives a luxurious feel of space in the bathroom giving it a wonderful finishing touch.

No Space to Small

At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we are masters at designing and installing small bathrooms and cloakrooms in spaces where they seem impossible to fit. Using our team of design experts and innovative thinkers there is quite literally no space too small or too dark for us to fit a dream bathroom

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