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Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2022

2022 is here and throughout 2021 you were no doubt dreaming of a new kitchen. At the very beginning of the year now is the right time to begin turning those dreams into reality with a new kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living. Your mind is perhaps buzzing with ideas and ways to make your kitchen upgrade amazing, you have seen other kitchens in magazines and on websites, you may have even seen your friends get new kitchens. This is all exciting and good stuff but what are the trends you should avoid in 2022 to ensure your kitchen stands out and works wonders for you and your household?

No Longer the WFH Office

2020 and 2021 saw Work From Home (WFH) become common. With little time to plan proper office space, kitchens became the home office. With WFH set to continue for some if not much of 2022 a trend to avoid is the desk in the kitchen. Kitchens are practical to work from but they are primarily a kitchen and the trend to avoid is that of the kitchen come office look and feel and rather create a proper working space or office.

No More Soffits

While a soffit is a very functional item in a kitchen they are now considered a no-no by many designers. These box-like things that sit above cupboards are now seen as a waste of time and not at all stylish despite their tremendous practicality. Instead, kitchen designers are looking to move wires out of the way or ensure cabinets reach full height and take back the space a Soffit sees you lose.

Too Much White Looks Cheap

White kitchens are timeless, and Gary Fullwood Designed Living has installed some amazing pure white kitchens, they do have their place. Too much white in a kitchen that lacks inspiration when it comes to design can look cheap and thus a totally white kitchen should be avoided in 2022 unless you make some minor tweaks. Adding some colour or neutral accents and some texture to the whiteness to make your kitchen less pure white is where using a top kitchen designer pays off.

Outdated Granite

In the early 1990s granite was the new thing when it came to luxury kitchen design and it grew in popularity. Throughout the 2000s and up to and including the 2020s granite remained one of the countertop materials of choice. In 2022 many kitchen designers will tell you to stay clear of that speckled look that granite delivers and move over to more veining or solid colours. A product that will be spot on for a super-trendy kitchen in 2022 is quartzite, it is pricey but well worth considering if you want the best.

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