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How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool in a Heatwave

Summer is certainly here and at the time of writing it is well over 30 degrees centigrade outside or close to 90 Fahrenheit. It’s hot and humid and every room in the house feels like a sauna, especially the kitchen. So, how do you keep your kitchen cool in a heatwave? Here are some top tips from Gary Fullwood Designed Living.

Avoid Creating Heat

Kitchens get hot at any time of the year. Ovens and hobs generate heat with every meal you prepare. The number one secret to keeping your kitchen cool in a heatwave is to not use your oven or stovetop. If you cannot avoid using your heat-producing appliance, at the very least, use them less. Using a microwave or slow cooker creates less heat, so consider these as alternatives.

Keep Windows and Blinds Closed

As kitchen design experts Gary Fullwood Designed Living are passionate about natural light. In any kitchen, large windows and natural light are key to the design. In a heatwave, the same windows can be bad news as sunshine heats glass and soon warms the kitchen. The first thing to do in a heatwave is to keep the kitchen windows CLOSED. Open windows let hot humid air in, warming the kitchen fast. It is fine to let the very early morning and night-time cool air in but during the day keep them closed. In fact, letting the cool night air in is a terrific way to cool any room down in a heatwave. To further cool things down in your kitchen you should close any blinds or curtains to keep the heat out. Shade, not daylight, becomes your best friend when keeping your kitchen cool in summer.

Ceiling Fans

In warmer countries ceiling fans are commonplace, but not so much in the UK. Installing a ceiling fan as part of your new kitchen design is a worthy consideration and such fans cool a kitchen down surprisingly fast. If you don’t have a ceiling fan, a desk fan placed in the kitchen on a low speed will also cool your kitchen down fast. You could also use a portable air conditioning unit to cool your kitchen.

Lights Make Heat

Humans are very good at creating more heat than necessary. Kitchen lights generate heat, especially older lights. Converting your kitchen lighting to modern LED bulbs will not only save you money but also produce less heat. If your kitchen has older bulbs one of the secrets to keeping your kitchen cool in a heatwave is to not use them or use them less.

A New Kitchen

Finally, a brilliant way to cool down your kitchen in a heatwave is to install a new one. With summers getting warmer every year you need to think ahead. Your current kitchen may not have the airflow or just be too cramped to even start to stay cool. With a new kitchen, you can have it designed for air to flow better, proper extraction can be installed and so much more. A new kitchen isn’t going to cool you down in this heatwave, but it could in the next.

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