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Is there such a thing as a standard bath?

The bathtub is the reason why a bathroom is called a bathroom. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we design and install fabulous bespoke bathrooms and know there is no such thing as a standard bathtub. The standard bathtub size in the UK is 1700mm by 700mm but, in our professional eyes, this a ballpark figure. With so many styles and sizes of baths available today we thought we would run through a few of them.

The Corner Bath

A very popular choice in many new bathrooms, the corner bath creates the perfect places to sit, relax and soak up the bubbles. Corner baths come in various sizes and many are designed to make the most out of the space they fill. With Offset and Space Saving baths available the range within the style is tremendous giving plenty of scope to design your perfect bathroom.

The Double Ended Bath

With a tap along one side of the bath, a double-ended bathtub is a bath that makes a statement in any bathroom. Double-ended baths are perfect for those who love a long warm wallow in the water, couples can even sit face to face (don’t forget the champagne) for something special. Where the corner bath saves space and works well in a smaller bathroom the double-ended bath thrives on space. With plenty of styles topped off by an endless choice of taps, double-ended baths are something special indeed.

The Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath is a bathtub that almost seems to step back in time to an era where bathrooms were very much more elegant. Back in style in 2021, the freestanding bath is yet another statement maker, the choice of styles is mind-boggling. From elegant Victorian and Edwardian designs to chic modern styles with clean lines, a freestanding bathtub can create a design that goes beyond your imagination adding a sense of luxury to any home.

Single Ended Baths

Is the single-ended bath the standard bath? While a single-ended bath is perhaps the more traditional style of bath it is by no means standard. Single-ended baths come in such a wide range of styles and designs that you may struggle to choose the one you want. From simple fibreglass bathtubs that we are all used to stunning stone and porcelain baths that have been elegantly styled it soon becomes clear there is no such thing as a standard bath.

The Shower Bath

If you can’t decide whether you should have a bath or a shower why not meet halfway with a shower bath. A lot more than just a shower hose and a shower curtain, Shower baths give you the perfect balance of both worlds with glass doors that enclose a wonderful bath and shower unit.

Jet and Whirlpools

Finally, you can add something extra to your bath and include some jets to create a whirlpool or spa bath. For some people, this is the ultimate while for others it is just too much. The choice is yours and when you speak to Gary Fullwood Designed Living you are on the right path to your perfect new bathroom.

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