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How your appliances are shaping kitchen design - Part 1

There was a time when appliances were the sign of a good kitchen. People showed off their dishwasher because they had one and they wheeled their washing machine away to hide it when visitors arrived. So much has changed and appliances are shaping the way kitchens are designed and laid out. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we design and install amazing bathrooms with people and their lifestyles in mind. Installing lifestyle inspired kitchens means getting creative with appliances and considering technology every step of the way with your new kitchen.

Built In Appliances

One way in which kitchen design has changed is with built-in appliances. Practical appliances that blend in with the flow of the kitchen ensure a kitchen looks like a kitchen. Fridges look more like cupboards and dishwashers and washing machines are hidden in the design in functional spaces. The flow of a kitchen remains intact, yet the appliances are out of sight. For the person who wants a clean and tidy kitchen with amazing practicality, this design idea is first prize.

Making Kitchens Social

As roles change kitchens have no longer become a place where one person works or completes a chore. Modern kitchens are joint workspaces and a great deal more social than ever before. With the social aspect of kitchens in mind workspaces change. Appliances are positioned almost out of the way to create access for more than one person and modular distribution has become popular when installing the must have appliances that modern lifestyles demand.

Bookend Appliances

Not so long ago appliances had an almost automatic desire to be placed in the middle of something or against a wall. For improved symmetrical design so-called “Bookend” appliances are becoming popular choices for a lot of people looking for fresh ideas when installing a new kitchen. With bookend appliances, the work triangle that so many designers work with becomes even more functional thus the kitchen becomes more practical and comfortable.

Kitchens to gather in

Kitchens have always been the very heart of the home and today this is still true. Making kitchens more sociable and more of a place to gather and entertain has not so much seen a dramatic shift in kitchen design but a progressive trend in style and layout. With this is mind the L-Shaped kitchen has gained popularity as it creates plenty of space to gather and entertain while allowing the host to cook and prepare without leaving the party.

Lift appliances off the floor

Another trend that has become progressively more popular in kitchen design is to lift appliances off the floor. Traditionally heavy white goods were best suited to being placed on the floor and there is nothing wrong with this. However, raising an appliance a few inches off the floor not only makes your kitchen look super stylish it also makes accessing the appliance a little bit easier. A raised dishwasher is easier stack and a raised oven makes bending to the floor the reach unnecessary and your whole kitchen experience is changed.

Next week we will explore how appliances are shaping the design of your new kitchen further.

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