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How to Turn Your Loft into a Bathroom

Space and making space is everything today. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have seen an increase in the demand for bathrooms in the loft. A loft bathroom can be a full bathroom or an en-suite for a loft bedroom conversion. Either way there is a lot to consider, and Gary Fullwood Designed Living are the bathroom experts you need.

Planning is Vital

The most important part of any new bathroom is planning. Measuring the space you have accurately is essential. Playing around with the space you have can create a lot of options for your new bathroom. In a loft bathroom, space is often at a premium and ceilings can often be lower lor slanted. When planning you need to focus on what you need most. Where space is limited it is pointless trying you squeeze everything in. Focusing more on function with a bathroom design specialist will soon create you the perfect loft bathroom

Awkward Spaces

A loft space is often different to conventional bathroom space. Sloping ceilings and rooflines and even less that square shapes can make planning a bathroom challenging. Standard bathroom components may not fit and you may need to have custom built shower screens for example or very much just put your thinking cap on. Awkward spaces do not mean a bathroom cannot be installed. In fact these very same spaces can give rise to ingenuity that makes for a really amazing bathroom.

Let the Bathroom Designer Get Clever

Everything in turning your loft into a bathroom is about space. Using a bathroom design expert creative ideas can create extra space. Using hanging bathroom furniture is a common solution to solving the issue of space. Speak to us

Smart Storage

We have mentioned clever storage many times before. Getting clever with your storage is the key to an amazing loft bathroom. Hung wall cupboards and cleverly created recessed shower shelves give the impression of space and makes your bathroom easier to clean.

Let there be light

Making the most of natural light is important in a loft bathroom. At the very top of the house a loft conversion often has large skylight windows. These windows flood a room with light and for a bathroom this light needs to be maximised and take advantage of. Creative use of lighting can make for an exceptional bathroom. Picture laying back in the bath staring up to the stars with dimmed light creating the perfect ambiance.


Very often a loft can be a cold space and heating is therefore particularly important in your loft bathroom. There are many options for heating a bathroom (watch this space for a focused blog post) and choosing the right heating can make your bathroom something special.

Finishing touches

Finally, your loft bathroom needs to be about the little touches. Those little décor and design features that make your bathroom yours. Colour matters as does texture and bringing all this together can create a dream bathroom that is a true work of art. Ask Gary Fullwood Designed Living how.

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