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How to Give your Kitchen Personality

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place to share the ups and downs of life, shed tears or howl with laughter. At the heart of your home, your kitchen is the place the best family meals are cooked, the freshest, most tasty sandwiches on the go are served and the best cups of coffee and tea and relaxed with. Without your kitchen, your home reverts to being just a house or a flat. However, one thing is needed with any new kitchen, the bit only you or a fantastic kitchen design company like Gary Fullwood Designed Living can bring, personality. So, how do you add personality to a kitchen?

Kitchen Creativity

The personality of your kitchen starts with being creative. You want your kitchen to be yours and you want it to stand out from friends and neighbours. With creativity, you can find the individuality that makes your kitchen yours, a kitchen that sums up your household or family. The problem with individuality is that people can go too far too easily. Gary Fullwood Designed Living would tell you to get creative with what feels good and feels like you. At the same time, you also need to consider that you may want to sell your house at a later date and major changes to meet your individual tastes may not be what future buyers want to have.

Colour Gives Personality

One of the best ways to give your new kitchen some personality is to add some colour. Of course, there are some colours that you should not paint your kitchen but that doesn’t mean colour should be avoided. Small touches of colour and colour focus points such as splashbacks all lift your kitchen and as good as make it smile. With help from an experienced kitchen designer, you can include your favourite colour in your kitchen and keep it personal or make it individual without killing the overall design.

Make Spaces Work

Your kitchen needs to feel that it is part of your home. This means it needs to blend and not feel like an afterthought. This is especially true with open plan kitchens that while demanding a personality of their own must work with the rest of the setting and flow into the dining or living space. Colour, texture, materials and the use of light and lighting all play their part in this. If your kitchen works with the rest of your home, it will feel right and its personality will flow throughout.

Get Smart

The final way to give your kitchen personality is to bring it bang up to date. Smart appliances, smart plugs and the latest in kitchen technology add some magic to your new kitchen. Smart taps not only look good but also save you water and they add some real sparkle to your kitchen. The convenience of smart fridges and other appliances gives your kitchen a real twenty-first-century

feel. New smart appliances look amazing and become part of the décor and style of your kitchen. Don’t forget to the smart or controlled lighting nor the smart plug sockets with built-in phone chargers or even wireless charging points in the kitchen.

Your personality can shine through when you use Gary Fullwood Designed Living to design and install your new kitchen. Give them a call today and begin your work on your new kitchen tomorrow.

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