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How TikTok is Defining Bathroom Trends

The influence of social media on our lives today is undeniable. It is estimated that there are 53 million social media users in the UK. The numbers are staggering and new trends and new ideas for the home are nearly always found first on the multitude of interactive platforms. TikTok is one of the newer and more popular social media platforms and has almost 9 million users in the UK. With this in mind, how can TikTok help you with designing a new bathroom?

TikTok Bathrooms

TikTok has a surprising number of users who create and share videos with a bathroom design theme. Hashtags give us an idea of the numbers of videos and views shared and #Bathroommakeover has a staggering 866m mentions and #NewBathroom has 21.8 million. This is absolute proof that TikTok is one of the best places to get ideas for your new bathroom. The same platform is useful for bathroom designers such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living to make sure the new bathroom designs, they deliver are not only relevant but also on the cutting edge of style and trends. So, what can TikTok tell us about bathroom trends and how can it help you choose and install your new dream bathroom?

TikTok Trends

To get an idea of what is trending in terms of bathroom design it makes sense to look at the top bathroom-related hashtags that are trending on TikTok. We have chosen:

#BathroomMakeOver 866 million views

#BathroomRemodel 386 million views

#BathroomRenovation 127 million views

When the videos with these hashtags are viewed and analysed some interesting facts about bathroom trends are clearly seen. The trends may just be the inspiration you need for your new bathroom.


One of the top priorities in the design of any new bathroom is storage. Large numbers of bathroom TikTokers feature bathroom storage and more than 80% of the bathroom-related TikToks included a vanity unit as part of a new bathroom. Around 30% of TikTokers featured a wooden vanity unit while 25% opted for white. Furthermore, 30% included recessed shelving, a favourite with a Gary Fullwood bathroom. Lighting in and around the storage was also a notably important feature for redesigned or remodelled bathrooms.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

The trend of bringing the outdoors indoors is very much an in thing at the moment. When used in design the term biophilic is used and it was quite a surprise to see nearly 40% of the TikTok bathrooms incorporating this. Everything from dried grasses and fresh plants, as well as some beautiful faux plants, has been used in bathrooms to great effect and the trend of biophilia is only growing.

The Power of a Shower

As lifestyles change and people get evermore busy the bathtub is beginning to take a back seat. Over 30% TikToks about new bathrooms and bathroom design featured a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers with benches that afford long showers are all in and to top this off TikTok cannot get enough of rainfall showerheads.

The New Black

Finally, TikTok tells us that black is certainly the new black when it comes to bathroom design. Black taps feature in around one-third of bathroom design TikToks and monochrome décor is the go-to choice for around 25% TikTokers. Classic black and white has always been timeless and the modern generation of homeowners tend to agree.

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