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How Often Should I Renew My Bathroom?

This is a strange question that we are asked frequently at Gary Fullwood Designed Living. In all honesty, there is no real right or wrong answer but it does remain an interesting question. Fashion, trends and design change all the time. If your soul desire is to remain fully up to date with trends and provided your budget can afford it, you should perhaps have a new bathroom every year. This is not feasible for the vast majority of us and many bathrooms are designed to last at least 5 years. Many bathrooms can limp to a decade and there are some that we know are at least 20, or rather were 20 until we came along.

Why and When Should you renew your bathroom?

Again, there is no hard and fast rule about when you should renew your bathroom. Good quality bathrooms with the best fittings may need a lick of paint or a few new tiles to remain in operation for a long period of time. However, there are generally only a few reasons why you should, and most people do, upgrade or renew their bathroom.

It doesn’t work for you

By design, bathrooms are functional rooms and they are built with a purpose. Bathrooms are often shared spaces and are thus required to work for a group of people rather than one or perhaps a couple. If you have a bathroom that just isn’t working for you and your family then it is time to get a new bathroom. It could be that the shape and layout are wrong, it could be that you need something more suited to a larger or perhaps smaller family. You may not need a bath and thus a wetroom works better, you may need to consider old age and less able users. There is a host of reasons to contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living for a new bathroom.

It is at the end of its life

Bathrooms and components have a finite lifespan. Things fall apart, things fall apart again and things don’t work as they should do. Loose tiles, damaged glass, noisy plumbing and problem flooring are all issues that can often only get worse. No matter how many times you repair some things there is often no alternative but to consider a brand new bathroom.

It is a smelly bathroom

Bathrooms get wet and that is a fact. Over time your bathroom can get what we refer to as that old bathroom smell. You know the smell and it is one you cannot get rid of no matter how many times a day you clean. Mildew seeps into places that you cannot see or reach and that bathroom smells like an old bathroom. The only solution is to install a new bathroom.

It is outdated

Old and outdated bathrooms are not enjoyable and they don’t do anything for your home. There comes a point when your bathroom is just old and out of date. Sure, it may be functional but it really is time for a change. You have changed, your family has changed and the world has changed. This is a common reason to upgrade and install a new bathroom and an equally good reason to contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living.

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