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How Much Does a Wet Room Cost?

Wet rooms have grown in popularity in the UK over the last couple of years. Gary Fullwood Designed Living has installed new Wet Rooms of all sizes converting conventional bathrooms into what is fast becoming a phenomenon. The question in the mind of most people is “How much does a wet room cost?”. Without knowing anything about your requirements the answer is “How long is a piece of string?”. However, when you take a step back and put things into perspective a guideline cost can be calculated.

Benefits of a Wet Room

Before jumping into the costs and such of having a wet room it is worthwhile taking a look at the benefits of having one. In a nutshell, a wet room has 6 real benefits:

Luxury You Can Afford: A Wet Room adds a touch of luxury to any home, even a simple three-bed semi feels like a palace when a wet room is installed.

Totally Waterproof Room: Using professionals to install your wet room you have a room that you can soak because it is 100% waterproof. Leaks etc are as good as prevented when you install a wet room properly.

Less Time Cleaning: A wet room is so much easier to clean than a conventional bathroom and this for many people is a massive benefit!

Adds Value to your Home: A wet room is a massive selling feature today and having a wet room in your home can add significant value to your home.

Convenience: Above all, you gain absolute convenience with a wet room creating a space the whole family can enjoy.

Who can install a Wet Room?

Unless you live in a listed building you should not have to apply for any planning permission for a wet room. A wet room can be large or small, most bathrooms can be converted with relative ease and other spaces within the home can be repurposed if there is room. As long as the space or bathroom being converted into a wet room is done so from the floor up you can install a wet room and even the smallest of homes can have one fitted.

Down to costs

Essentially the cost of your new wet room is generally made up of 6 elements:

Tiles and Tiling

Separated from other labour and fixtures. The tiles used for your wet room can dramatically change the cost of your wet room. More expensive tiles cost more, that is obvious, but larger tiles require less fitting time and can lower the labour cost. Depending on the tiles you choose, fitting can cost anywhere between £10 and £100 per square metre. Using a professional bathroom company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living will enable you to get more or better tiles for your budget and this should always be considered.


Termed “Tanking”, the way you waterproof your wet room is crucial to its operation. Durable waterproofing is vital and is always best left to the professionals. Tanking kits vary from £50 to £500. This component can make or break your wet room.

Labour Costs

Hourly rates vary from one bathroom company to another and cheaper is not always better. Choosing a company like Gary Fullwood Designed Living means getting the perfect balance of experience and reliability. Furthermore, the expertise provided will ensure you get the ideal wet room for your budget that will exceed your expectations. You can expect labour costs of up to £200 per day per man and generally costs total up to or just over £2000. Using a professional bathroom company to install your wet room will save you money in the long run and install it faster.

Underfloor Heating

Keeping your wet room dry and giving some warmth under your feet is important. For this underfloor heating is required, a modern version of what the Romans knew only too well. The best value when it comes to underfloor heating solutions is generally heating mats. You should never cut corners on this part of your wet room and just like the waterproofing doing it with professionals using the best you can afford will win in the end. Heating kits for wet rooms start from as little as £100 but can be as much as £500 or more for thermostatically controlled or even smart underfloor heaters - having your wet room at the perfect temperature as you enter is a luxury few can define!

Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings can add costs to your new wet room. What you choose will ultimately be determined by your budget, but you should opt for the best you can afford.

Planning and Design

Planning and design costs are an essential part of your new wet room. Not only will you have a superbly designed wet room but all the ins and outs of the process will be considered. Knowing if a space can and cannot be converted, for example, or knowing whether a toilet or basin can be kept in place makes all the difference. Meeting with a full house bathroom installation company will take all the plumbing, electrical, ventilation and other things into consideration and give you complete peace of mind. Planning is by far the most important part of the job and money spent here will reap rewards later.

The bottom line

Size matters and smaller wet rooms should cost less than larger ones. Your budget is essential and where possible you need to stick to it, knowing your must-have items and your like-to-have components will help you reach a final cost for your wet room. This final cost is somewhere between £3500 and £12000.

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