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How do you choose a new bathroom design?

Does the perfect bathroom exist? At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we like to think it does. But once we have created the perfect bathroom for someone we make the next one better still. Designing and installing bathrooms is an organic process, we learn something from every installation and yet we know every customer is happy because, to them, their bathroom is perfect.

Choosing your bathroom designer

Before you even get down to designing and installing your dream bathroom you need to choose your bathroom designer. A quick look at our website and social media platforms will leave you with little doubt that Gary Fullwood Designed Living have a great deal of experience. From small bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms to impressive family and master bathrooms we have made them all, and when you choose a bathroom designer experience matters.

Function vs. Form

The perfect bathroom comes about because you have decided to make an effort and work closely with your designer. Your new bathroom is the perfect balance of form and function and this is precisely why you need an experienced bathroom designer. Your bathroom needs to have a degree of practicality, this is especially true when it comes to family bathrooms. But a bathroom based on pure practicality and functionality soon becomes clinical and even boring.

Maximum use of space

An important factor when choosing your new bathroom is that is space. From small en-suite bathrooms and downstairs toilets to luxurious master or family bathrooms the true feature that makes a perfect bathroom is storage. Making the best use of the space available is where Gary Fullwood Designed Living excels and recently installed bathrooms include amazing storage ideas. From simple inbuilt and alcove shelving in shower walls, clever vanities and storage cupboards, storing and hiding everything away neatly leaves an uncluttered happy bathroom.

The best quality materials

When choosing your new bathroom the quality of materials helps turn the design into reality. Many DIY kitchens attempt to take on some of the most audacious of designs only to fail because the quality of the materials isn’t quite right. As part of your planning, a budget for your new bathroom will have been set and because of this, Gary Fullwood Designed Living will design you a dream bathroom you can afford. There will be no compromise when it comes to quality in your new bathroom and the very materials will be sourced. This means you can choose the design of your new bathroom in confidence, knowing it won’t break your budget.

The Final Say

In reality, the final decision in choosing the right or best design for your perfect bathroom is up to you. As experienced bathroom designers we can only but advise, but if you really want that pink flamingo then there is not a lot we can do to convince you otherwise.

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