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The Perfect Kitchen for Your Rental Property

Not every kitchen that Gary Fullwood Designed Living installs is going to be used by the owner of the property.While Gary Fullwood and his team install magnificent kitchens for homeowners we also install superb quality and highly functional kitchens for those with rental properties.

Rental Properties, like all homes, need a decent kitchen but how far should you go when it comes to installing a kitchen you will never use?

Creating Value

Your rental property is a business and you want it to make good money for you. Investing in purchasing a rental property is one this but investing in the property to improve your investment is something different. One area when many new landlords invest their money when looking to improve rental income is the kitchen. The challenge is how much to spend on the kitchen before it ends up costing you money rather than making you money.

The Heart of the Home

If the kitchen is the heart of your home it is almost certain it will be for your tenant. With this in mind, you need a comfortable and stylish kitchen that suits the type of person or people who will be renting your property. The kitchen must fit in with the rest of the house or apartment and if it is a smaller kitchen, and with a rental property is probably will be, you need to to think storage. A small kitchen with ample storage delivered through innovative design is a winning kitchen that will almost certainly wow any tenants.

Light and Airy

One of the first things a prospective tenant looks at when viewing a new home is the kitchen. A kitchen that has plenty of light and looks clean and tidy wins points. When considering a new kitchen for a rental property daylight is your best friend.Lighting, in general, is not a costly part of kitchen design and for a rental property functional, clever and often simple lighting with downlights in select places can add a feel of superior quality and this means better rentals.

Smart with Tech for Less

A kitchen in a rental property needs to be up to date and including some simple and affordable tech is a winner, especially for younger people or families. The position of electrical points is a major consideration today and if these can include a USB charging point even better. With plenty of places to charge technology, this alone will wow any tenant.

Keep is Simple but not Cheap

Simplicity is the key to a great new kitchen for a rental property but finding the balance between quality and cheap is where many come unstuck. Using the services of a professional kitchen design company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living in Watford you will have access to experts that can save you money but keep things looking amazing. Everything from taps and draw handles to tiles on the wall and floor from the best suppliers will be used to create a custom kitchen that looks like a million dollars but does, in fact, cost you far less. In fact, your tenants will think the kitchen is a Tow Howley when in fact it is a Gary Fullwood!

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