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Gary's Crystal Ball: New Kitchen Trends for 2022

2021 has gone by in flash and at Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have designed and installed many kitchens. At the end of last year, we saw all kinds of trends predicted for the year ahead, some took us by storm and others were not quite a popular as designers and influencers suggested they might be. That time of year has come around again where kitchen designers and home style gurus pull out their crystal balls and do their best to give you an idea of what will be stylish in the year ahead. We have looked around and our style guide for 2022 will hopefully give you plenty of inspiration for your new kitchen.

Colourful Kitchens

The last two years have seen people spend a great deal more time in their homes and their kitchens. Work from home has seen Kitchen worktops double as desks and the kitchen itself has become the office for many. This has made people see their kitchens differently and thus dull and boring is no longer really an option. A trend that many designers are suggesting may flow through 2022 is that of colourful cabinets that add a more personal touch to a kitchen. Shaker and Handleless kitchens will remain stylish and colour will take them to a new level of stunning as with every Gary Fullwood New Kitchen.

Smart Storage

Perhaps in line with kitchens becoming places of work, smart storage will continue to be a trend in 2022. Smart and clever storage has been a trademark of a Gary Fullwood Designed Living Kitchen for many years and such storage hides or displays kitchen utensils and appliances without clutter. Clutter has been the topic of conversation after many a Zoom call and with some creative thinking smart storage can make your new kitchen superbly functional and incredibly stylish, and that is worth some post Zoom call gossip.

Utility Rooms and Pantries

Earlier this year we looked at utility rooms and pantries as part of your new kitchen. Squeezing in a pantry or utility room looks set to be one of the biggest “Can you” questions we get asked in 2022 for new kitchens. Making room in any kitchen for the extra space a pantry and particularly a utility room provides is something that makes any new kitchen totally and often unexpectedly jaw-dropping.

Integrated Appliances

Appliances are vital for the operation of any new kitchen. How the appliances are positioned and installed can make or break a kitchen design. Many designers believe that integrated appliances are very much an in-thing for a new kitchen in 2022. Hidden, disguised or superbly presented appliances in a kitchen are very much a part of a Gary Fullwood Designed Living Kitchen. Well-integrated appliances create the feeling of space and boost functionality without taking away the aesthetics that are so important in a kitchen.

Broken Plan Kitchens

Finally, kitchens are fast becoming multipurpose rooms and broken plan kitchens that take one idea and allow another to also happen in the kitchen looks set to be a kitchen trend in 2022. This will be especially true with open plan kitchens that very much need to flow with and into the home. All of the predicted trends above will come into play with a multi-function kitchen that works around a modern family or work from home couple.

New Kitchen 2022

For your new kitchen in 2022 you need to begin planning today. If you want the perfect dream kitchen in the New Year there is no one better than Gary Fullwood Designed Living to turn your dream into reality. Contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living Today.

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