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Flushed Away: Choosing a toilet for your new bathroom Part 2

In part one of the blog about choosing a toilet we looked at the first 5 types of toilet to consider when installing a new bathroom. With years of experience and many happy clients, Gary Fullwood Designed Living knows how important the right type of toilet is to perfect bathroom. In the previous article we spoke about Traditional, Close Coupled, Wall Hung and Back To Wall toilets. In this article we will cover Rimless, Short Projection, Comfort Height, High Level, Low Level, Corner toilets.

Knowing the differences between the various types of toilet is essential when designing and installing a new bathroom. The type of toilet you want can affect you budget and can most certainly impact the design of your bathroom. For this reason, using an expert bathroom design company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living is vital.

Rimless Toilet

Considered by those in the toilet world as one of the most exciting development is toilet design, the rimless toilet is a superb toilet. Without the conventional rim in the pan, a rimless toilet uses water pressure to ensure the entire pan is cleaned in one flush. These toilets look like they use a lot of water but are in fact some of most efficient toilets in production. Easier to clean than a conventional toilet a rimless toilet also saves you money on your water bill.

Compact or Short Projection Toilets

Where space is at a premium, which is very much the norm in the UK, compact or short projection toilets are perfect for small bathrooms. Typically smaller around 60cm these small toilets are as functional and practical as a conventional toilet but create a clutter free space and free up space in the evert-shrinking bathrooms of Great Britain.

Comfort Height

For tall people and the elderly a conventional toilet is just that bit too low. In bathrooms for tall and elderly people there is a range of toilets made about 5cm taller that adds a level of comfort when seeing to the call of nature. These taller toilets encompass all the style and functionality of the typical modern toilet and look little different. You only notice the difference once you take your seat.

High Level Toilets

Many of us can remember when we had to pull the chain to flush. Cisterns relied on gravity to allow water to flow and because more water was needed in older toilets the cistern was bigger. All this meant that a higher cistern position created space and made water flow well. These traditional hgh level toilets are coming back in style but have modern fittings with a flush button replacing the chain on some models but the chain coming back for those who want it. There is something rather elegant about these toilets but you do need to have space.

Low Level Toilets

Similar to the high level toilets these very traditional toilets with a cistern and drop pipe are making a comeback. These toilets do require a little more space than some but for those who like old school these are a winner.

Corner Toilet

Finally, we close with the corner toilet. The ultimate in space saving toilets, the corner toilet has a triangular cistern that makes them perfect for filling up that awkward small bathroom or corner. Where space is at an absolute premium fitting a corner toilet can solve a hundred and one design problems.

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