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Flushed Away: Choosing a toilet for your new bathroom Part 1

During your lifetime you will spend a total of 92 days on the toilet. When you look at your toilet like that you can soon see that buying and installing a toilet is an important decision. Gary Fullwood Designed Living has been installing new bathrooms for many years and has seen toilet designs, styles and trends change considerably. Choosing a toilet sounds straightforward but is a little more complicated than you may imagine as there are 10 types of toilet to consider:

In this two part blog post we will cover the aspects of each toilet to help you choose a new toilet or just have an understanding of the choices once Gary Fullwood Designed Living begin work on your new bathroom.

Traditional Toilets

Starting with the basics traditional toilets have a Victorian look and feel to them, indeed some bathroom designers still refer to them as Victorian toilets. Traditional toilets are coming back into to style and deliver a touch of class and elegance to any new bathroom. Despite being practical, the traditional toilet was once a noisy and even clumsy toilet. Today, modern traditional toilets have all the latest touches such as dual flush and soft close seats. If you are going for a more traditional style bathroom a traditional toilet will look amazing and bring you all the benefits of a modern toilet.

Close Coupled Toilets

By far the most common and most popular toilet in the UK , the Close Couple toilet is familiar to anyone. Comprised of Close Coupled

· Wall Hung

· Back To Wall

· Rimless

· Short Projection

· Comfort Height

· High Level

· Low Level

· Corner

· Traditional

two components; a pan and a cistern the cistern sits on top of the pan coupled together. Most modern set-ups have a dual flush button on top. A very traditional style of toilet close coupled toilets come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Generally, these toilets are among the most affordable and can work with most new bathroom designs.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall Hung Toilets literally hang from the wall and have a space underneath the pan that makes cleaning exceptionally easy. These toilets can be hung from most walls with the cistern built into and hidden by the wall. A wall hung toiler creates the impression of more space and can be set at a height that is not so much defined by the height of the pan from the floor.

Back to Wall Toilet

Similar to wall hung toilets, a back to wall toilet sits flush to the wall with the cistern contained inside the wall. Less complicated to fit that a wall hung toilet a back to wall toilet is still very contemporary and stylish suitable for most new bathroom designs. Again a clutter and mess free space is created with an easy to clean solution that gives the impression of extra space even in the smallest bathroom or cloakroom.

These are the first 5 toilet types to consider when you are designing your new bathroom. In the next blog we will cover the 5 final toilet types to consider.

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