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Energy Saving Kitchens

The cost of energy in our homes has increased dramatically in the last twelve months. You cannot avoid the headlines about rising costs and even energy companies going bust. The fact of the matter is that we have to live with these higher costs and adjust our lives accordingly. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we have seen and felt the rising energy costs and while we do not have a magic wand to suddenly lower costs we do have some tips to save energy in the Kitchen.

Energy in the Kitchen

Ever since the dawn of time, cooking has required the use of some form of energy. From the very beginnings of cooking over a wood or coal fire to modern-day microwaves and smart cooking, a source of energy has been required. Today nearly all the energy used in the Kitchen is electricity or gas and the kitchen makes up for 14% or more of the average household energy bills. So, just how can you save energy in the kitchen?

Consider Your Habits

Most energy-saving experts will tell you that the vast majority of wasted energy comes from bad habits. We have become used to doing things in a certain way in our kitchens and changing a habit is far more difficult than starting. These 5 simple “Habits” in your kitchen can save you close to £100 a year.

· Dry your clothes outside or on a clothes horse – no need to tumble dry

· Wash your clothes at 30c and also save 14kg of CO2

· Wash only full loads

· Install energy-saving bulbs or LEDs

· Clean your oven manually

Energy Saving Kitchen

Your old kitchen may be costing you money. Older kitchens often have outdated appliances that whole working fine at first glance are actually consuming far more energy and water than you might imagine. Newer appliances have eco modes that use less electricity, less water and even less or no chemicals. Investing in these newer modern appliances will pay off in the long run.

New Kitchen New Ideas

When you decide to install a new kitchen you are presented with a host of new energy-saving ideas. While new energy-efficient appliances are a great start there are other energy-saving ideas too. Hot water uses a lot of energy and installing a solar thermal or an air source or a ground source heat pump is an effective way to save energy. Furthermore, devices such as this come with financial support offerings from the government.

Heating your Kitchen

Installing a new kitchen opens you up to energy-saving and more efficient heating options for your kitchen. You may want to consider underfloor heating coupled with a heat pump if you are renewing your floor. You may also want to consider improved insulation in your kitchen to further help you save money.

A New Kitchen

When you plan your new kitchen, you can inform your installer that you wish to make your kitchen energy saving. With many years of experience, expert kitchen designers and installers Gary Fullwood Designed Living have plenty of ideas and ways to make your kitchen energy efficient. Talk to the experts and install a kitchen that looks fantastic, is superbly functional and saves you money on your energy bills while making life amazing.

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