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5 Features you really must consider for your next new bathroom

How long have you been sitting with your current bathroom?Is it dull, out of date and far from being the sanctuary of peace you desire?Perhaps your bathroom is no longer functional for your needs. It is time for a new bathroom, Gary Fullwood Designed Interiors are the experts to choose to fit it. But what do you really need to consider for your new bathroom?

Toilet Design

In the last decade toilet design and functionality has changed, and this means a lot.Low Flow toilets are the toilet of choice today. Low flow toilets save water and modern systems are quieter than conventional toilets and don’t announce that someone has been.Furthermore,hidden tank toilets create the impression of space. Low-Flow, hidden tank toilets are extremely stylish and give a bathroom a polished finish.

NB:Did you know a modern, low-flow, hidden tank toilet can add value to your house?

To bath or not to bath?

Modern bathrooms have changed and today not every bathroom has a bath. Lifestyles are different and the bath in many modern family homes is now a white elephant and not used. A top thing to consider when you design and install a new bathroom is whether or not you need a bath. With bathrooms becoming smaller many new build small homes do not have a bath as standard. If you do bath, then a bathtub is a must and Gary Fullwood Designed Loving have plenty of amazing ideas around this, but if you don’t, and your bathroom is small why bother?

Recessed Storage

Space and storage are the two nightmares of bathroom design; there is never enough.Cabinets on the wall can let the design of a modern bathroom down and recessed storage cupboards are the way to go. Recessed storage and other clever or smart storage ideas help create a truly marvellous bathroom that has all the storage and none of the clutter. If you want a really smart, stylish bathroom recessed storage is an absolute must.

Ventilate your Shower Naturally

Bathrooms, especially showers become damp, humid and mouldy quickly and easily. Ventilation is the key to a nice, fresh bathroom and a good fan should do the trick. But there is something better that works a treat with showers and that is a window. In considering the layout and flow of your new bathroom having a shower with a window is natures number one way of ventilating your bathroom. It is simple and effective planning such as this that makes Gary Fullwood Designed Living one of the top bathroom design and installation companies in the UK

Let there be light

Finally, the important thing you need to know about your new bathroom is light and lighting. In the past, bathrooms had single lightbulb on the ceiling in the centre that left dark shadows where you needed light most. While we would all love to flood our bathrooms with natural light this is not always possible and thus creative lighting is essential. Modern LED lighting gives you many lighting options and gives you control over how much or how little light you have. Recessed lighting is easier than ever before, and this can help create impressive lighting around the mirror to make drying your hair or putting on your make up easier than ever before!

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