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Cool Off with an Outdoor Shower

On what the media is calling "the hottest day of the year" the heat is on to cool down. Perhaps you just go in search of some shade or even a dip in your pool, paddling pool for most Brits. But there are some people who have found the perfect way to cool down, start their day with some invigoration or end the day with something cool and refreshing. No, we are not talking cold beers or smoothies here, we are talking outdoor showers and bathrooms.

Is an outdoor bathroom practical in the UK?

The last few years have seen the great British summer heat up. Each year ever-warmer weather lasts for longer and hot weather warnings are becoming all too common. More and more homeowners are now not only looking at ways to warm their homes but also to cool them. For this reason, an outdoor bathroom begins to make sense and once installed you will never regret it. Such installations now also add value to properties and the once quirky touch is now going beyond a nice to have. For this reason, using a professional bathroom design company like Gary Fullwood Designed Living is essential.

Outdoor Bathroom Basics

Your outdoor bathroom doesn't need to be as upmarket as your master bathroom, although it can be. As long as you have the bathroom basics right you can't go wrong. Just like any ordinary indoor bathroom your plumbing and drainage are important. When installing an outdoor bathroom, think carefully. It may be lovely to have a shower under the tree at the bottom of the garden but if there is no access to plumbed water it may not work or may be costly to install. Likewise with drainage, having your soapy shower water flooding your garden may not be good for the plants or the soil.

Flooring and walls

Mosaic tiles and other non-slip porous tiles are perfect for your outdoor shower room. As with an indoor shower room, your outdoor shower room should be tiled professionally. Treated wood and concrete slabs can be used for flooring for a more rustic look as long as they are safe, non-slip and won't rot or wear away under flowing water. Adding shelves and storage to your design is also important.

Shower Heads

Another important consideration for your outdoor shower room is the shower and shower head itself. Firstly, you must decide whether you want hot and cold water or just cold water. Next, you need to consider whether you want a fixed shower head or a hand shower set. A shower set adds versatility to your outdoor shower making it suitable for your own showering, washing pets and washing dirty boots.

Overall, your outdoor bathroom can either resemble a luxury bathroom, taking the indoors outdoors, or it can be rustic and practical. The choice is yours, and either way, it is worthwhile contacting Gary Fullwood Designed Living to design and install the perfect outdoor bathroom for you.

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