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Gary's Crystal Ball: Bathroom Trends for 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The last 12 months have flown by and during 2021 we have designed and installed some amazing bathrooms. At Gary Fullwood Designed Living we pride ourselves on delivering superb bathrooms that are totally on point when it comes to style, trends and innovation. Every new year numerous predictions are made as to what will or will not be considered stylish for the year ahead and while we do not necessarily follow them to the letter they do influence what clients want and what we present. This year and next is no different and as well-known designers dust off their crystal balls, we have scouted around and put together a shortlist of bathroom trends for 2022.


What happens when the influences of Japan and Scandinavia come together? You get what is now being termed as Japandi. This emerging trend of 2021 looks set to flow into 2022 and brings together the minimalist thinking and ideas of Scandinavian design and the elegance of Japanese styling in a single setting. With stunning sleek lines and the neutral colours of natural materials and soft, gentle and very relaxed yet ultimately elegant look is attained turning a bathroom into a relaxing and very functional space.

Go Green

Not so much green as in eco green but the colour one of the foremost shades of 2022 looks set to be green. While colour schemes can come and go the gradual rise of green has a host of micro-trends within it and beneath it. Rich shades of emerald green touched by that of sage and even lime bring out a richness that makes any bathroom look and feel almost exotic.

Victorian Style

While modern bathrooms have their place and many people want them the growing trend for Victorian styling looks set to remain in 2022. If you have looked at Pinterest to get any inspiration for your new bathroom then you will have no doubt seen the many Victorian designs. With Victorian design, there is an emphasis or at least an effort to find some focus pieces or features. A freestanding rolltop bath could be the stand out feature you want with small details finishing the design off.

Alive with Nature

Biophilia is a trend that has been a big part of bathroom design in 2021 and it looks set to continue well into 2022. Bringing the freshness of plants and nature into your bathroom design creates a relaxing haven of tranquillity. A splash of nature makes a bathroom feel far less sterile and more welcoming.


In addition to plants and greenery in the bathroom, natural materials with neutral colours look like they will remain a common and popular trend in 2022. Terracotta is a shade that delivers warmth and softness in any bathroom however some designers are still saying you should go bold with your colour schemes this year and next.

Gary Fullwood Designed Living

Whatever colours and styles you choose for your new bathroom is entirely up to you. Choosing a great bathroom designer and a professional team that can deliver your dream bathroom is vital and Gary Fullwood Designed Living is a very wise choice indeed.

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