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Bathroom Tiles: All You Need to Know

Your bathroom is an important and much-used room in your home. A bathroom is a very practical space and yet it needs to be aesthetically pleasing too. On top of being practical and looking good, a bathroom needs to be waterproof or at the very least water-resistant.

There has been much talk of new ideas and products for bathroom walls and floors in recent years. From concrete to vinyl with resins and wood in between. However, despite every innovation and beautiful traditional finish, tiles remain by far the most popular wall and flooring option in most new bathrooms in the UK.

Bathroom Tiles: Spoilt for Choice

As bathroom experts, Gary Fullwood Designed Living is very much aware that there is a massive choice of different tiles on the market. In all honesty, there is no right or wrong tile for your bathroom and if you like the tiles, you can use them. Superb rectangular so-called subway tiles create a certain class of their own with some people creating an almost underground railway station look to a bathroom. Then there are unusual, shaped tiles both large and small all of which come in a kaleidoscope of colours. From high shine finishes to gentle matt and terracotta or stone-effect the choice of tiles is crazy. However, no matter what tiles are out there, the choice is ultimately down to you – Gary Fullwood and his team can give you plenty of sage advice and show you some awesome designs.

Do I need different tiles for walls and floors?

To be honest, you do not need different types of tiles for walls and floors. However, you need to appreciate the surfaces you are tiling. Floor tiles need to be hardwearing; they need to be able to cope with heavy and often wet feet going in and out. Ideally, floor tiles should be non-slip; using glazed tiles on a floor might look stunning but when wet they are lethal! Floor tiles are not essentially different to wall tiles, but they do need a little more thought applied.

With both floor tiles and wall tiles, you need to make sure they are easy to clean and look after. You can mix and match tiles on walls and floors and you can become as creative as you wish. Wall tiles and floor tiles don’t have to match, often a contrast makes a bathroom look and feel amazing. But, again, the choice is yours.

Quality Bathroom Tiles

The quality of the tiles you use in your bathroom matters. Using a professional bathroom design company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living to install your bathroom will gain you access to superior quality tiles at better prices. This fact is what distinguishes a professionally designed and fitted bathroom from others. It always makes sense to buy the best quality tiles you can afford and make sure you have ordered about 10% more tiles than you will actually need. Tiles crack and break, before, during and after laying and having a spare tile to replace a damaged one is essential.

Laying Bathroom Tiles

Finally, laying your bathroom tiles is very much a job for professionals. While laying tiles seems straightforward, using a professional will make all the difference to your new bathroom. Cutting tiles correctly, keeping lines straight and simply making sure the tiles stick and stay stuck is where the professionals come in and a call to Gary Fullwood Designed Living is where your new bathroom starts.

Looking for a New Bathroom?

If you are looking for a new bathroom Gary Fullwood Designed Living is waiting to hear from you. Contact the bathroom experts today on 01923 224875

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