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A Smart Bathroom for 2022

This new year should be the year you treat yourself to a new and upgraded bathroom. A new bathroom with great looks is what many homeowners dream of, but for some, a smart bathroom is what they want. In 2022, smart tech for bathrooms will be in focus and when it comes to design it will be what people want. Smart bathrooms are no longer the way of the future they are here now, and your new bathroom can look great, feel great and be smart when Gary Fullwood Designed Living is put in charge.

What is a Smart Bathroom?

A smart bathroom is a space that is connected to your world. Through various devices and apps you and technology take control of your bathroom making it more comfortable, more convenient, more efficient, more healthy, and more fun. A smart bathroom is a bathroom that fits in with the modern lifestyles we live, and it need not cost a fortune when done correctly.

Smart Bathroom Comfort

A smart bathroom can take comfort to new levels with ease. Smart warming drawers ensure your towels are presented at the perfect temperature for absolute joy giving you the spa-like treatment you deserve. Smart showers have grown in popularity in the last couple of years and these clever devices ensure you have the perfect shower each and every time; right temperature, right water pressure, and ready when you are. Finally, for the epitome of smart bathroom comfort, the smart toilet is becoming popular in the UK with its heated toilet seats and more.

Smart Bathroom Convenience

When it comes to convenience smart tech in the bathroom is positively awesome. Cooled cabinets can keep medicines and toiletries cool and fresh with no need to store them in the fridge in the kitchen. Smart mirrors allow you to start your day off right showing you the weather forecast and news headlines for the day as you brush your teeth. To top this off, voice-activated lighting is a must-have for anyone who wants to have the best bathroom experience ever. Dim the light while soaking in the tub and turn them back on again when you want to put your makeup on… a dream!

Smart Bathroom Health

Health is vital to us all and with the COVID19 it has been forefront in the minds of most people. Smart technology can make your bathroom a healthier, safer space in your home. Earlier the smart toilet was mentioned because of its warming seat, however, this same appliance helps in keeping your bathroom healthy. With touchless seats that lower with the wave of a hand and self-cleaning and flushing your toilet becomes cleaner and healthier in no time at all. Digital and touchless taps are growing in popularity, these too stop the spread of germs from dirty hands thus keeping all and sundry healthier.

When it comes to making your bathroom smarter there are many more options and solutions you can install. In the coming weeks, we will touch on some of these in more detail.

The Smart Kitchen Designer

In 2022 the smart choice for a new Bathroom is Gary Fullwood Designed Living. With years of experience, creative ideas, and the best installation teams your new bathroom is only a phone call away.

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