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A quick guide to bathroom taps

At Gary Fullwood, Designed Living we design and install amazing bathrooms. From small ensuites and cloakrooms to luxurious his and hers or family bathrooms we know bathrooms better than most. Creating a bathroom that practical and functional for your needs while looking aesthetically awesome is where we excel.

A common feature

Every bathroom we install is different; different size, different colour and even different purpose. However, every bathroom has one common feature that stands out among others. Taps. Every bathroom has taps and not all taps are alike. This short guide will explain the basics of taps in your new bathroom and help you when it comes to design and more.

Water Pressure Matters

Before you begin looking at all the different types of taps for your bathroom you need to make sure you have the right taps. You need to know the level of water pressure you have in your home and you need to ensure you know this right at the start. Checking your water pressure is straightforward, in some cases, you may need a plumber or you can ask us, but this is the easy way. Once you know your water pressure you can begin to choose the right taps for your bathroom.

Traditional vs Contemporary

Taps generally come in a one, two or three-hole style. One hole taps are very much the traditional one hot tap and one cold tap that is still a popular choice in many bathrooms throughout the UK. More contemporary taps take modern styling and technology into consideration and mixer taps are becoming the norm where one handle balances the flow of water between hot and cold. In between the single hole and two-hole style of tap comes the three-hole tap which is very much a combination of the standard hot and cold single taps that flow into a single spout. Within all three styles or types of tap come literally hundreds of different designs.

Taps for all Purposes

Choosing the right taps for your bathroom is about finding the balance between form and function. Older style taps can create a wonderful retro look and feel with a touch of Victorian in a modern setting. However, one needs to remember that taps are required for baths, basins and showers in a bathroom and having a consistent style throughout makes sense. The taps must also fit where you need them and reach over the edge of a sink for example. Aesthetics and practicality matter.

Smart Taps

Modern bathroom taps can look as tastefully old-fashioned or beautifully modern as you wish and can come in all shapes and sizes. Taps today can be smart taps that can be touchless or only allow a certain temperature of water to flow. You can have taps that turn on and off remotely to run a bath form when you arrive home. Taps can have digital temperature gauges and so much more. It soon becomes clear that there is a wide choice of taps for any bathroom. For this reason, using an experienced bathroom design company such as Gary Fullwood Designed Living makes absolute sense.

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