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A New Kitchen: The Number One Home Renovation Project

Every year UK homeowners and property owners spend a ton of money on renovating their homes. Even when the economy is in the crazy state it currently is with fuel prices rocketing, inflation creeping up and the general cost of living edging out of reach, money is still spent. Mortgages are tapped into, and British homes are being transformed with value-add renovations. Top of the list for these renovations is the kitchen.

The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is well-known to be the heart of the home. The kitchen is the place where family and friends hang out, where parents and children can have conversations and amazing meals get cooked and shared. While the kitchen is upgraded and renovated to make family life and life, in general, better there is another reason that makes a lot of sense. The other reason why the heart of the home is upgraded and why a new kitchen makes sense is that this renovation generally adds value to the value of the property. Happy people and a good return on investment always make sense.

Top Reasons for a New Kitchen

Gary Fullwood Designed Living has seen a steady stream of requests for new kitchens. There are many reasons why a new kitchen makes sense but the main reason why someone chooses to upgrade or remodel is the kitchen being out of date. Layouts, styles and designs that don’t work or don’t fit in with a changed lifestyle or change in family dynamic top the list. A new kitchen starts with a blank canvas in many cases. In some instances, walls can be knocked down or kitchen space extended. With other kitchens, the design needs to fit around existing plumbing and electrical. Either way, with the use of a leading kitchen designer, you get a result that makes a massive difference.

Top Additions and Changes to a Kitchen

Over the years kitchen trends and been and gone but some, especially those that make a kitchen functional while boosting style, remain. Kitchen islands are a popular request for many people asking for a fresh new kitchen with added practicality and a wow factor. With enough space, this is a superb feature. Another request is to make the kitchen un-kitcheny to let it flow and become at one with the living space. This is very much a request from those with smaller properties who may also be working from home. For some, the kitchen is a room on its own and that is how it will always be and for others, it is merely an extension to what they have and their way of living. Whichever you require an experienced kitchen designer such as Gary Fullwood can deliver something amazing.

Up to Date

With a fresh new kitchen, your home gets so much extra. There are many design and colour options that can make a statement and demonstrate your personality. Then you can have all the convenience of technology and modern appliances that can bring your home fully into the year 2022. Of course, add in some clever storage and top-quality materials and you have a dream kitchen of note all delivered by the team at Gary Fullwood Designed Living.

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