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A New Kitchen Fit for A Queen

As the UK celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II the whole country has gone red, white and blue. With a four-day weekend for us to celebrate kitchens across the UK are going to be producing a wide variety of dishes all in celebration of this wonderful Jubilee. Using your kitchen to create dishes to share with friends, family and loved ones may get you thinking about your kitchen and whether it is time for an upgrade or remodel. Is it time that you had a kitchen fit for a queen?

The Queen’s Kitchen

Every royal residence has a kitchen, and these kitchens can rival any top restaurant or hotel. The kitchens are not like the kitchens designed by Gary Fullwood Designed Living but are equally as functional. Each kitchen in every royal residence has been created to cook everything from simple, intimate meals for one or two people as well as cater for lavish functions where hundreds of guests need to be fed. The Queen’s kitchens are very practical and serve their purpose well.

A Kitchen Fit for a Queen

While most of us have little need for kitchens the size of those as Buckingham Palace, for example, we do want a kitchen fit for a Queen. A kitchen in the heart of the home and a very special room in any home. While, like the Royal Kitchens, your kitchen is a place to prepare meals of all kinds it is, unlike a Royal Kitchen, a place for family and friends to gather. Finding the balance between a place to cook, a place to eat and a place entertain is what makes a new kitchen from Gary Fullwood Designed Living so special.

Quality New Kitchen

Inside a royal kitchen you can, of course, expect the best of the best. In the smaller residences such as those of Edward and Sophie, you still find the best of the best but have something more akin to conventional kitchen in many homes across the UK. The Royal family understand good quality and taste and both of these matter to Gary Fullwood and his design team. A new kitchen should add value not just to your property but to your lifestyle and there are plenty tips and tricks that can be taken from a royal kitchen to add to yours.

Kitchen Surfaces

In a highly functional kitchen such as those of the royal palaces having the right materials for the kitchen surfaces is vital. In your new kitchen there is plenty of choice and your budget ultimately determines what you install. The colour and style all matter too. Stainless steel is, of course, the ultimate surface for a professional kitchen and can work in a residential kitchen. However. Granite, marble and other materials are generally the right choice. Using a professional kitchen design company to help you with your kitchen will ensure you end up with the right surfaces in a kitchen fit for a queen.

Kitchen Layout

Finally, your kitchen layout matters. Getting the flow right in a busy kitchen is vital and the same is true for your own kitchen. With appliances in the right place, light where it is needed most and that all-important kitchen triangle, your super-stylish new kitchen will fit you and your family like a glove.

If you are ready for a new kitchen, contact Gary Fullwood Designed Living today.

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