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A look back at 2021

For many people, 2021 was as tough as 2020. The coronavirus pandemic stayed with us, it looks like it will remain for a while too, and family and home life as well as business and economic life were in the balance for much of the year. In amongst all the uncertainty, Gary Fullwood Designed Living kept working and kept delivering some amazing Kitchens and Bathrooms. Being careful and very aware of the health and safety of our clients new bathrooms and kitchens have nonetheless been delivered. This Christmas we have some customers who will cook their first Christmas dinner in a new kitchen and soak away the stress of Christmas in a new bathroom. In this post, we will look back at a couple of things that happened in 2021, not just some superb bathrooms and kitchens but behind the scenes too.

October: Bathroom in a Block of Flats

Not everyone lives in a house and many people live in flats. Living in a property that is shared by a number of other property owners presents itself with a few challenges when installing a new bathroom. In October Gary Fullwood Designed Living took on the challenge of installing a brand new kitchen for a client in a block of flats. Designing the bathroom itself was straightforward enough but it had to meet certain criteria set by the management company and of course, when we make a bit of noise while installing we have to let all the neighbours know what is going on.

Needless to say, all I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed and the project was tremendously successful; another feather in the cap for Gary Fullwood Designed living and proof once more that no requirements are too much when it comes to amazing bathrooms.

September: When the Boss Does the Donkey Work

Those of you who know Gary Fullwood know that he likes to look dapper when at work. His tie and waistcoat are who he is, ever smart and ever confident for the customers. However, one Thursday morning Gary Fullwood got a call from a big bathroom project to say that a few tiles had arrived a little early, in fact, a whole day early! Of course, to keep the client happy Gary Jumped to it and rocked up not in his trademark suit and tie but dressed down ready to carry a pile of large tiles from the front of the house to the upstairs where the new bathroom was being fitted.

When it comes to customer service Gary Fullwood Designed Living goes the extra mile and this is absolute proof.

August: Happiness is a New Bathroom

August saw the completion of a new Bathroom in Bushey. In a typical British house, the bathroom was not massive but the end result was a superb bathroom that the client was overjoyed with. Part of working with a great bathroom designer is that ideas are put forward that often sound crazy but in the end are the cherry on top. With this top-notch bathroom the customer was persuaded to paint the ceiling grey rather than white. This doesn’t sound right. But when you see what the grey ceiling does your eyes will pop out!

2021 has been an awesome year and 2022 looks sent to be even better with some great kitchen and bathroom projects lined up.

On behalf of the entire team here at Gary Fullwood Designed Living, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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